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Come on In! 4 Exterior Styles to Make Your Log Home More Inviting

With a simple change in paint color, you can change the look of the front of your log home to draw in your guests. You can also make a large change to add stonework or brickwork façade to your home. No matter the age of your home, you can easily improve the welcoming feel of your log home.

Start Simple with the Right Door

Simply repainting your front door can be a good start in sprucing up your log home. When choosing a new front door or front door paint, consider the door’s position. A dark door with western exposure may turn into an oven as the sun sets. Your color will also fade more quickly if the door faces the sun.

You should avoid stark white. A white door against a solid color may look very sharp, but if you’ve got stonework or brick, your white door may make perfectly good mortar look suddenly dark and dingy. White doors are also more likely to mark up easily.  Also avoid trendy tones. Eventually you’ll have to repaint the door, but you don’t want to do it because your neighbor matched your house or because the color quickly went out of style.


Adding faux stonework or patterned wall cladding to your log home is a great way to add age and a sense of permanence to your space, no matter how new the house. Take care to find a material that’s colorfast for your area and consider investing in a waterproof, colorfast grout. No matter what, remember to power wash your house before you start.


For many of us, the front face of our house is actually the garage. To invite people around to the front door along the side of the garage, add a smooth and well-lit walkway to your door. If you want to build out of individual stones, be sure to add lighting or white stone around each paving stone to limit the risk of a fall.

Porch Pillars

Bright porch pillars, especially if they match your front door, really draw the eye directly to the front door. Consider adding plants with plenty of color along the front of the porch if pillars run from top to bottom and there is no porch rail.

The front of your house is a bit like your smile. It needs to be cheerful and focused for your company and family members.

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