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Hey all, just a quick update as to what's happening with us.  Other than keeping more than busy, just putting up with the rain.


But, we have made much progress since our last post.  We finally have all the heat down in the entire house.  As you can see in our newly added pics, we went with an above the subfloor radiant heat system on the first floor.  Its a really neat system.  It's made up of alumninum tracks in which the pex tubing is snapped in place.  It has plywood returns made then for each of the returns.  It went together fairly easy and works really well.  The panels are very responsive to the heat and heat up quickly. Our HVAC buddy was over and got the other three zones hooked up, and we are in operation!


As you can also see, we started getting some more of the interior lighting installed and did a little work in the second floor bathroom.  We have just about all the high trim hung in the house, and will need to get working on the baseboard sometime once all the floors are done.  Of which, all the carpet and vinyl (sorry on pics yet, too rainy and no good lighting) is down and we started working on the wood floors a little over a week ago.  We've made quick progress on the them, and just have a little work to do in the closets.  Hopefully they will be finished by this weekend and we will be ready to put finish on them.


The wood floors are a reclaimed pine which we got from Wyoming.  It's actually reclaimed snow fence and looks really good in the house.  There are a number of different shades of colors in the wood, and once they were all put together, they look really good.  We found the wood online, they sent us a sample and we fell in love with it.  If interested, take a peak at their website:

Take a peak at the pics and see what you think.  Let us know, reviews have been good so far!


We'll continue to post some more as we go.  One point of note, nails and pex tubing don't mix.  Oops, have one repair to make!


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Comment by The Mitchell's on April 24, 2011 at 11:05pm
Hey John.  We're really happy with the floor, it looks great and gives us the look we wanted.  For some reason, everything fell into place, it will match the kitchen well and our vinyl we did in the bath and laundry have the exact same shades as the wood.  As far as pricing, we went back and forth for awhile on whether to do it or not.  They had a sale last fall and in our discussions, we got a better deal by taking all 5 foot lengths.  We could have gotten new pine cheaper, but don't think we would have done that due to it being too soft.  In terms of a red oak, it was pretty equivalent, but no character!  Shipping was a little to get it the whole way across the country, but we got what we wanted and based on initial comments, we made the right choice.  We are considering doing a bar or something in the future with more perhaps.
Comment by John Duke on April 21, 2011 at 11:27pm
I've been taken with the idea of using the Wyoming snow fence ever since I found out about it more than a year ago. I already have a source for the floor, but I may come up with a use somewhere else. How did the price compare with other types of flooring you looked at?

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