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Common plumbing issues and how to deal with them

Having good plumbing means that you will not have any problems, it should, but it does not. Many problems can appear in average homes. However, if you come across any plumbing issues, do not panic, as most of them you can fix yourself, without having to call an emergency plumber.

In most of the cases blocked drains cause problems. You can either use home-made recipes to deal with it or follow easy to fix instructions. But in the end, it will not hurt if you hire a professional to check up your drains.

Sink draining problems

If your sink is draining slowly, do not be afraid, this is a common and easily fixable problem. Usually, the pop-up of the faucet gets filled up with debris, and over time this will slow down the draining of the sink. There are a number of plumber tools you can buy yourself to help you clean it out.

However, you can do this manually as well, by yourself. Taking the pop-up apart is simple and requires little time disassemble and clean. Even if you do not have a pop-up, cleaning the draining is easy. Taking out the drain cover is simple and you can have easy access to clean the pipes.

Water pressure is low

When having low water pressure in faucets or with showers, it is usually caused by build-up from water debris, such as limescale. This build-up can affect the water pressure in pipes and drains. It will take some effort to clean it out, but it is possible to do it yourself.

The most likely place to collect limescale is the aerator, the top part of a faucet or the shower head. This part can be removed and cleaned very easily, with just the help of a few tools.

Runny toilet

Another common and very irritating plumbing issue that a lot of people face is a running toilet. Although, with the toilet there a lot of things that can go wrong and specifying the exact problem can be hard sometimes. However, it all boils down to either replacing the toilet fill valve, the flapper or the flush valve. By checking all three try to isolate the issue, and when you find it the best way is to replace the part.

Unfortunately, these working parts of the toilet break down through wear and tear, and the best option is to get new parts. Always make sure that everything connected and attached as it should be.


Jammed garbage monster

The garbage disposal is also a very common plumbing issue that a lot of people face. First things first, turn off and unplug your garbage disposal before doing any work. Fortunately, using simple household items you can easily unclogged and clean your little sink menace.

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