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Conspiracy Podcasts That Deserve a Peek

Conspiracies and alternative methods of understanding are no longer sent to the boondocks of late-night radio but are now at your fingertips. What else is out there that you may or may not know? If you are on the hunt for the ultimate expose on what may be hidden, take a look at some of the best conspiracy podcast for your binging:


1)Unexplained- Host Richard Smith picks the brain of scientific researchers and magicians, and other experts alike to pick their brains on their expertise to attempt to untangle the things we don’t fully understand yet. Each of the experts and Smith himself give their topics From the occult topics to the logistics of space travel with the professional and approachable that you wish you had received in school. This podcast is an educational and entertaining a great stepping stone into the conspiracy world.


2) Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - Co-hosts Ben Bowlin, Matt Frederick, and Noel Brown take a three-person dive on conspiracies and past secrets revealed. From stories about big corporations getting around the government to unsettling small-town disappearance, this show works as a great taster for the conspiracy enthusiast. If you are looking for a more journalistic approach to the conspiracy genre, this is the podcast for you.


3) Sasquatch chronicles – This podcast is the ultimate podcast mechanism for everything Sasquatch (or Bigfoot). With a bit of a wink and whimsy, the show-runners gather personal accounts from eclectic individuals who have (maybe) had an encounter with this elusive forest dweller. Is Sasquatch legit or a hoax? Listen to this podcast to take a breather between all of the seriousness and have a laugh on the quest to find the mysterious Sasquatch beast.


4) Skeptics Science Salon – Michael Shermer wears the professional skeptic hat to his approach to the conspiracy genre, addressing everything to alien encounters to the truth about chemical trails. But don't worry, Shermer's approach is not about being the no-fun police or lecturing 'til your ears fall off, but to actually look at these ideas critically without being too "um, actually." Hear the conspiracies that you are interested in or maybe not even know about and apply the devil's advocate approach to those ideas so you can master your inner skeptic.


5) Hysteria 51 - Co-hosts Brent Hand and John Goforth invite you to their hangout with experts and researchers of the alternative kind. Gear up to talk about everything from the case from your standard aliens to the Loch Ness to actual magic with science, history, and a little bit of speculation. Another great podcast to unwind to after a long day and maybe be persuaded on the legitimacy of historic secret empires.


6)The Higher side Chats (THC)- Greg Carlwood offers a look into conspiracy topics with a bit of smoke or a drink on-hand. This podcast takes you through a decompressed environment where you feel like your hanging out with a new friend a bar exchanging stories. Carlwood regularly brings in experts in all different fields from the supernatural to the extraterrestrial, making this a podcast that you don’t want to miss out on.


The great thing about conspiracies is that no matter the approach, you are bound to find a topic or perspective that is meaningful to you. Make your time in traffic or doing dishes time to think and learn about the world and check out one (or more!) these podcasts today!


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