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Is it possible for a diy'er to corn blast,himself.The company of the sand blaster I have say's yes and the company of the corn cobs say's yes.I have access to a big pull behind compressor with an cfm rating high enough.Has anyone tried it.Would like all input.

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Comment by The Weatherall Company on May 23, 2010 at 9:36pm

You can probably handle cob blasting if you have the right equipment, the time and the energy for the job. Also, there will be a learning curve in the beginning and some details that should be addressed before you start. Please let us know if we can provide any further assistance. We can be reached at 800-490-3695 or
Comment by CharisB on May 18, 2010 at 11:08am
Hi, Jeff. are my thoughts:
1) I have cob blasted and used crushed glass. I've played with a power washer a bit. I think that crushed glass is the easiest to use to get the best results, and I do think a DIYer can do, so long as you practice on an inconspicuous area first to get down the technique. We have some videos showing the difference between all three - corn cob, glass & power washing. Take a look when you have a minute -

2) Be aware that blasting does open the pores of the wood more, which means any stain you apply will be darker. SO - when you're sampling, be sure you're sampling on wood that has been blasted, or at least sanded with, say, a 60-grit sandpaper. That will give you close to the same finish so you know what to expect.

3) Make sure you have help & all the right equipment. You'll want to make sure you have scaffolding set up (ladders can be risky if you don't blast regularly....) and have someone there to help you hold the hose and keep the pot full of media.

Hope that gives you some help. Sorry for the late response....haven't wandered over to the blogs for a while. In the future, you might consider posting this in the forum area. You'll get faster responses there.

-- Charis w/ Sashco

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