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Cozy in the Snow: How to Make Your Cabin Welcoming For Winter

Winter is well on its way and Jack Frost will soon be nipping at your nose, and a few other body parts as well. When the weather outside gets frightening, nothing is more comforting that retreating to a rustic getaway. But as fall fades, and winter takes its place, it's time to make your special getaway extra cozy. Here are a few tips that might help.



If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace, stoke that baby up. The sound and sight of crackling wood and the aroma of campfire smoke is the number one way to create instant ambiance, not to mention a lovely radiating heat. No fireplace? You can also spend a little time outside roasting marshmallows in an outdoor fire pit. If the temps are not conducive to huddling up outside, create a special space with a dozen scented candles. The glow and fragrance will be the next best thing.


You probably shouldn’t completely rely on the hearth alone to heat your cabin, though. Be sure to have your furnace serviced regularly, so a malfunction doesn’t leave you stranded in a cold unheated home. A heating professional, like C.B. Lucas Heating and Air, can ensure your furnace is performing at its best. Regular maintenance of appliances results in energy savings and more efficient operation.


Meals and Snacks

Being greeted by the aroma of a delicious meal wafting through your cabin is a wonderful way to increase the coziness factor. Dust off the old crock pot and let the fragrance of chicken stew, chili, or vegetable soup fill the cabin. Or whip up a pot of special hot chocolate with a little mint or cinnamon flavoring. A pot of hot herbal tea with some homemade cookies would be pleasant as well.


Home Decor

Fill the cabin with soft, warm, fluffy, and furry textures. A colorful rug is a nice addition to the living room or bedroom. Look for cheerful pillows to toss about and drape a cozy quilt over the couch. In the bedroom, adorn the bed with more pillows and a warm toasty down blanket that enfolds you as you settle in for the night. Soft lighting also creates an ambiance of warmth. String lights are not just for Christmas decorations. Drape a set of these over your headboard or across a book shelf to add a little twinkle to the room. Use neutral colored thick curtains to keep it nice and dark for the hours you sleep, but make sure to open them wide in the morning to shed some natural light into your living space.



Lastly, invite the people you love to spend time at your cabin. Family and good friends will make your rustic home even more inviting. You might want to leave the laptops, iPads, game systems, and cell phones behind. Settle in to a good old fashioned game of Rummy, Monopoly, Charades or checkers. If you have children they will appreciate the one on one time with you without the distraction of T.V. or the interruption of phone calls and texts. A wintry weekend filled with laughter and good company will make for great memories for you and the special people in your life.


Don't let a little frost or snow keep you from enjoying a special getaway. Leave the city behind and let go of your worries while you enjoy the coziness of your peaceful little hideaway.

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