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Desert Living: How to Keep Your House Cooler This Season

If you live in a hot and dry climate, you know how unbearable desert summers can be. Seems like all you want to do is sleep next to the air conditioning vents. Luckily, keeping your home cooler this season won’t be challenging if you follow a few easy steps. By implementing each of these procedures on a regular basis, your energy costs will reduce dramatically and you’ll use your air conditioner less often.

Close the Blinds
Nearly 30 percent of all the heat in a home generates around the windows. By using shades and curtains during the hottest parts of the day, you’ll drop the temperature and lower monthly energy costs. In most cases, highly efficient blinds can reduce the heat level in a compact space by nearly 20 degrees.

Trap the Air
If you have a fairly large house, you may want to close off all areas that aren’t used regularly. This strategy will keep cool air in your most populated spaces throughout the hottest hours of the day.

Use a Fan
Typically, a fan won’t keep your home very cool whenever the temperature rises but if you put a bowl of ice in front of the fan, you’ll feel much cooler air as the blades rotate. You can even put a bag of ice in front of the fan. It helps to circulate colder air and move stale air around.

Replace the Sheets

At night getting to sleep can be difficult during the summer because the temperature makes lots of sheets and blankets feel uncomfortable. New sheets can be quite helpful in this situation because they increase air circulation. To increase comfort, consider investing in a buckwheat pillow. This pillow is made out of unique hulls that have plenty of space for air flow.

Readjust the Ceiling Fans
Most Service First Realty experts will tell you ceiling fans must be readjusted before the start of each season. At the end of spring, the blades should be configured so that they’ll rotate counter-clockwise throughout the summer. As the blades spin in the opposite direction, they’ll generate a breezy effect, which will keep everyone cooler.

Use the Bathroom Fan
Whenever the exhaust fan runs, it pulls air out of the environment. This is why you might want to use the fan while you take a shower. Once the steamy air reaches the ceiling, the exhaust fan will slowly extract it.

Rely on the Night Air
The air outside at night is usually much cooler than the currents found in your home. If you crack your windows before bedtime and run a fan, you’ll sleep more easily throughout the night.

Keeping a home cool without using an air conditioner is possible if you change your regular habits. Everyone will benefit over time because alternative cooling methods save a lot of money.

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