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Well, yes we are kind of done.  We finally moved back in mid-July.  As a result of that move and the packing of the card reader for the camera, we are somewhat behind posting pics and updating everyone.  Oh, and we've been busy too!


But, anyway, we are here finally.  We still have a few odds and ends to finish up, mainly the ceilings on the porches and drywall in the basement.  We are waiting for our window and door trim to show up.  We are having a bunch of old red pine made into trim.  This is the lumber we salvaged out of a building torn down in Amber's hometown.  The newspapers we found stuck on the planks were in all German and had the year as 1865.  Guess it's old!  But it looks awesome.  You don't see wood anymore with a grain pattern as tight as this.  Plus, it matches our reclaimed snow fencing flooring pretty well! Next year, we have to tackle landscaping and outdoor stuff.


As you browse the pics, you'll see a variety of things.  One big project we undertook was pouring our own concrete counters.  We decided to cast in place so we'd have no seams.  We did a dry dye to color it and were hoping for a tan.  Well, we got our tan, but took awhile.  The concrete itself was easy and went fairly smooth.  When it dried though, it was cloudy and the color wasn't what we wanted.  We ended up grinding off the top of the counters which worked out really nice and exposed some of the aggregate.  This grinding eliminated the cloudiness, but our color still wasn't dark enough.  We ended up putting epoxy on the for the finish coat and it got the color just where we wanted.  It was a lot of messing around, but should be the only time we ever do it.


We did more staining (surprise) and got all the interior doors done and hung.  We had one of the doors cut in half to make a dutch door to the laundry room.  Lots of trim work and LOTS of cleaning.


Needless to say, we haven't taken too many pics lately.  Still trying to unpack and tie up loose ends.  One day at a time, but the end is getting closer every day.  Take care!

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