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Drowning in Your Home? 5 Signs You Need Major Plumbing Repiars

Almost every renter or homeowner has a few essential tools in store, to cope with minor plumbing emergencies. If you're handy at fixing things, a clogged toilet or a slow drain may only need a plunger and some elbow grease to work.

However, if this is not your forte, then trying some quick fixes on your leaking toilet could cause even bigger problems and expensive repairs. Look out for these signs to know if you need to call a professional.

1. Dripping faucets

Apart from draining gallons of water down the drain, one drop at a time, a dripping faucet can be downright annoying; try sleeping next to a room with a dripping tap. A dripping faucet can significantly raise your water bills, and any sign of one should be a call to engage a plumber.

2. A running toilet

The flapper valve lets the water run from the tank to the bowl when you turn the handle. According to All About Plumbing, if you constantly have to jiggle the handle to make the water run after flushing, it’s possible that the float is imbalanced, the flapper no longer fits properly, or the fill tube comes loose.

3. Leaking pipes

The garden hose or underground pipes may have a leak, and if so, you might notice a puddle under the pipe or a random section of your backyard. Leaks usually happen at joints, although water can also drip off along the length of the pipe.

Whether you’re replacing a leaking U-joint or a length of the pipe or its fittings, the process isn’t complex, and you can even do it yourself. Just grab commercial joint filler, fitting compounds and any other supplies from your local hardware.

4. Clogged drains

Debris down your kitchen pipes can clog and reduce the drainage to a trickle. While you can just use a plunger to do the job, it won’t unclog it completely. Using commercial clog removers and drain cleaners occasionally is safe and efficient, but every few months a pro should inspect your drain.

Inspect down the sink drains with a flashlight to see if you can spot the problem; a pair of tweezers should reach and remove a lump of hair and food debris. Fit your drains with drain screens to prevent solid dirt from reaching down your drain.

5. You notice rust on your plumbing

Dripping water encourages rust on pipes, and as the rust spreads, it allows more water to trickle through. A pro knows all about plumbing, and you can learn a few handy tips to help you do your plumbing too.

Since you probably don’t have the full repair kit to tighten valves, replace dripping ones or to fix a faulty pipe section, it’s a good idea for a pro to do thorough maintenance of the complete plumbing.

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