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Spring has sprung and so has our action. So much has happened since our last post a month ago. We now have power, they set the pole, the electrician set our panel box. Once it was inspected, we got our cut-in card sent in and the power company showed up the next day. Right now, our meter has all zero's on it. Too bad that won't last!

We've also spent a lot of time in the basement. We got things leveled out, got the floor drains all in place and got setup for our radiant tubing. It involved a laying a base of stone down. We then utilized a product called insul-tarp, which is a type of insulation. It's a double bubble product, much like the bubble wrap used for packing. It has a series of bubbles, tarp on the front and back, once side is black, the other is white. On the inside, it is silver reflective and has some other foam and goodies in it. It will also serve as our vapor barrier for our radon mitigation system.

Once that was down, we then used concrete wire mesh to tie all the radiant tubing to it. We laid out 2 different zones in the basement for the heat, and used about 1500 feet of tubing. By the end of the weekend, my fingers were wore out, first from tying all the wire together, then from pulling zip ties to tie the tubing to the mesh.

Then, we poured 20 yards of concrete. The first truck showed up about 8 AM and the second after the first was empty. All the concrete was down by 11 AM. We had a little extra, so we poured a nice pad in front of the shed, rather than wasting it. It took all day before the concrete was finally ready for the final working. It was about 7:30 that night before they could do the final touches on the floor.

We started back filling the foundation, and hope to finish that and get most of our grading done this week. We hope the weather will cooperate though!

The most exciting part though, is the logs are in and the builder started cutting them in his shop last week. He's going to begin delivering them and some other materials this week. We anticipate him starting late this week or next week. Once he's on site, things will really start moving along.

Amber might argue the exciting part, since we planted her peanut patch today! Not sure how well they are going to grow in our climate, but we are going to try our best. They require 120 days and that is going to push us into late September, early October. Hope it's a warm summer and fall! We also planted some birdhouse gourds and two butterfly bushes!

Take a minute and check out our pictures! We've posted a bunch today of all that has happened lately! There are also a couple good ones of Colby. He's been heating up lately since it's been warm. He got to take his first swim yesterday for the season. He jumped right and went to town. I think he'd swim for hours if we'd let him. He was definitely made for the water!

We'll do our best to keep you all posted, but we've found out it's hard to keep up on the work and still have a few minutes to jump on the computer! Can't wait for everyone to come check things out, we haven’t had many visitors yet! We're planning on having a muddy boot party once the shell is up!

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Comment by The Mitchell's on June 11, 2010 at 9:00pm
Hi Dennis,
We are using Rehau pex tubing and manifolds. We are going to use a Buderus GB142 fired with Propane. We have a friend that is a mechanical contractor and he thinks very highly of these units. They cost a little more, but hopefully we can make that up in the long run in efficiency. We have hopes of getting natural gas someday, so we are going to start with propane. We are going to do radiant on the main floor and do baseboard on the second floor to try and save a couple dollars.

Our dog would actually just pick yours up and carry him around. He loves to carry things!

Since we've finally started, it's been fun, but a lot of decisions and things to keep track of. Good luck!
Comment by Dennis Cruse on June 11, 2010 at 4:47am
Wow, really looking good. What radiant heat company/system did you go with? How are you heating the water? Are you using radiant on the main floor, also? It's really going to be a nice home. I can't wait to start ours!

Your dog would eat ours. My wife has a chi. He's a cutie. He loves to sleep in front of the fireplace.
Comment by The Mitchell's on June 9, 2010 at 6:53pm
Goldens are awesome! Everyone should have one (or two if Amber would let me and Colby get a puppy!)
Comment by Terry & Shelley S on June 9, 2010 at 6:43pm
Another Golden quote another member "there's just something about log homes & Goldens". They just fit!. Our Timber just turned 3. He's our first Golden and I can honestly say after having dogs since I was small (won't say how many years), he's been the best dog I've ever had. His favorite part of our new log home is the creek! He loves it!

Sounds like you've been pretty busy lately....we're excited for you and will be watching your progress. Keep the pictures and info coming! Best of luck to you.
Comment by Dave & Jean Chaudoir on June 2, 2010 at 4:26pm
I'm enjoying following your "adventure"! Actually it's Colby who caught my eye first, and then as I started to read your blog I realized we have some things in common and some things are quite the opposite. For instance, we have two "golden girls" (Cahill, going on 13 years and Chase, going on 3) one of which loves the water and the other who loves the wildlife. You're building in the East and we are building in the West (Montana). Your neighbors are sheep and ours are mule deer but I bet you have turkeys too just like we do, just a different subspecies.

We just started construction too (April was the "dig" time) but you have a full basement where we have just a crawlspace. You're lucky enough to have radiant heat but we'll be going with forced air to utilize duct work for airconditioning. Our logs were factory milled too but just for the first floor (the 2nd floor will be hybrid), although we love the handcrafted look. While your electric meter is just starting to spin, ours has been doing that since the 2nd week of May. But it was a big day for us too when the electric company brought the cable under the road to the other side of our lot so that "real" construction could begin.

You have a beautiful view looking over the woodlands; ours is of the Yellowstone River. This is our retirement home and I'm thinking you'll have many more years than we to enjoy your wonderful log home!

So keep the photos coming and continue your blog. At some point I hope to add photos of our dream taking place. In the meantime, make sure Colby gets plenty of "swim time" and that you enjoy your adventure!!

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