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You want to fix your own roof before it starts raining in your bedroom? Here are five tips for budding handymen who want to restore their roof.

After all, the shower is the only place in our house where it is desired that water falling on our heads!

Nothing more annoying as water leaks through the roof. A handyman can repair some damage to the roof. Other damage however require the expertise of a professional roofer. For example, if there is significant damage and several leaks, if your personal repair does not last, or if the repair seems too complex, it is time to call on experts.

But in most cases, a Sunday handyman can fix simple damage. Here are five tips to make these easy remedies:

1. Locate the source of the leak

Yes okay, but it's much easier said than done! Normally, a leakage in the roof is first manifested by water stains on the ceiling. You can climb a ladder to examine everything more closely. Alternatively, you can stay in the soil armed with binoculars to scan the roof and arched identify shingles, cracked or missing. You should also know that leaks can be located at the contact point of the shingles where caulking and flashing were damaged at the ends or shingles shaped tent. Also look for loose materials around the fireplace. Finally, inspect the pipes and the chimney outlets.

2. Flatten the arched shingles

You can flatten and fix arched shingles by applying a layer of plastic cement. You can also replace them with other compounds adhesives applied in caulking gun. Make sure you press the corners and edges of the shingle to ensure that they will rise again.

3. Replace damaged shingles, rotten and missing

To remove a damaged shingle, lift the edges of neighboring shingles and remove nails from the shingles that you want removed with a hammer or a crowbar. Shingles should be released by sliding. Next, slide and align the new shingles on neighboring shingles. Secure it with galvanized roofing nails (you have to drive a nail at each corner of the shingle).

4. Repeat the clogging of the chimney and dormers

Using a spray gun clogged and glue roof Seal leakage that sometimes appear around chimneys and skylights, redoing clogging joints metal flashing.

5. Remove the old roof

When you decide to hire professional roofers to redo the whole roof, facilitate the operation by removing yourself the old shingles. Some contractors may prefer to leave the old roof on site and install a new top. But when the roof is bare, the contractor and yourself can inspect the structure and other areas to detect structural damage, synonyms worries ... and future expenses!

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