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Most homeowners spend more time designing their kitchen than any other area of their home, and with good reason — creating a kitchen that perfectly fits your needs takes a lot of thought. The best layout will depend on how often you use your kitchen, how elaborate of meals you create, the number of cooks that will share the space, the amount of storage you need, how often you plan to entertain — the list goes on. Then there is the parade of appliances, from the old-fashioned and quaint to the high performance and energy efficient, and the right choices vary from homeowner to homeowner. If your home will be far from civilization, you may need to consider factors such as propane or natural gas stoves.


There are a lot of decisions to be made, but the latest issue of Log Home Living, on sale now, offers a magazine full of the industry's latest innovations for log-home kitchens, plus the regular bits and pieces you can always expect. It features:


- a review of PBS's "Frontier House" documentary (now available on DVD), which chronicles the adventures of three modern families living life as it was done in the 1800s under the Homestead Act

- an interview with Rich Dunstan, founder of Perma-Chink, which reveals his insights gleaned from 30 years in the log-home maintenance business and his thoughts on the innovations that have come in that time

- a profile of Michigan's 25th annual Log Cabin Day, a statewide celebration featuring more than 100 log buildings

- a guide to planning your log-home kitchen to fit your budget, your lifestyle and your logs

- advice from a respected Realtor on how to design your log home to get the most return if you decide to sell it

- a profile of a log bed-and-breakfast in St. Louis

- a guide to five log-home kitchen styles, with advice on how to decorate and outfit each

- memories of the Sagamore Lodge, one of the most iconic Great Camps of the Adirondacks

- three beautiful home tours, from Tennessee, Wisconsin and Idaho

- and much more!


Here's a taste of what you'll find inside:

"Style is a word that often comes to mind in planning great rooms and master bedrooms, but it is every bit as important — if not more so — in the kitchen as in any room of the home. Let’s face it: We all gravitate to the kitchen. Far from being a strictly utilitarian corner of the house, shut off from the home’s flow, today’s kitchens are the hub where much family activity has its basis.

As you are determining the types of appliances you’ll need and the work pattern that will be critical to feeling at home in the space, you also are well served to be thinking about how to integrate the kitchen’s style with the rest of your log home. And the good news is that if you’ve already settled on a style for the other rooms, there is no reason it can’t be brought into the kitchen as well.

Here are the most common kitchen styles and some of the elements that define them."


Interested? Pick up your copy of the August issue at your local bookstore, or order it from the Log & Timber Home Bookstore.

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