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Hey everybody, it's been some time since our last update.  Hopefully that means we've been busy and haven't had time to be on the computer much!  And, for the most part it does.  So, what have we accomplished since last update?


Well, all the ceilings are hung.  All the interior walls are hung.  Everything was cleaned/sanded and stained.  The log walls got one coat of stain, and the interior walls we coated twice.  We noticed the log walls were a much warmer color, so we tried to darken the interior walls a little more to match.  All walls then got two coats of clearcoat.  It was a pain, but it's finally done.  If you recall, we prestained all the ceilings before they were hung.  The walls, we followed our former process.  We used a stanard paint roller and rolled on the stain, and then back brushed it with a 4" brush.  We did this with the clear coat as well, and it worked out great.


We also hung the ceiling fan in the great room before we took down the scaffold.  Took a little while because we couldn't get the remote to work.  It worked great 2 feet from the fan, but when you got down on the floor, it would only work in one spot.  So we finally pulled the antenna out of the housing and left it hang in the light fixture.  So far, so good.  Guess we need a bigger ladder when it's time to change the bulbs!


We also started hanging some of the interior trim.  We got the majority of the first floor hung and then on to getting our radiant heating laid out in the floor.  (sorry, no pics yet, but forthcoming soon).  We hope to get the first floor working this weekend, so finally some heat on the main level.


We've spent a lot of time with the kitchen cabinet builder.  We finally got everything sorted out, but are having a heck of a time finding a small microwave to fit where we want it.


We also had all our wood flooring delivered.  We went with a reclaimed pine for the first floor.  It's old snow-fence from Wyoming that they mill into flooring.  We think it's going to look great once we get it down.  You can tell it's reclaimed, as there are many different color shades and some holes in it.  We also order our other flooring.  We are doing carpet on the second floor and vinyl in the laundry and baths.


We also got the bathtub setup in the 2nd bath and got all our shower valves roughed in.  In the master, we framed out our shower (as we are only doing a shower) and got the shower valve roughed in too.  Since we are doing a corner shower, I still might have to move out the valves once we add our backer board and tile, but it's in none-the-less for now.


The general contractor was also back at some point and got our steps to the second floor in.  They look great and we sure don't miss climbing the ladder.  Unfortunately, Cobly gets a little too excited at times on them.  He's going to get his wings clipped soon if he doesn't calm down!


So, as we are somewhat starting to wind down, we have a few things left -- need to drywall the basement, get railings up, flooring down, toilets installed, kitchen and I'm sure a few other things.  We hope we are within a 6 to 8 weeks now.  We'll see!


And thanks to the great help we've gotten.  Our dads have been out every weekend since Christmas with us.  We couldn't have accomplished what we did without them.  My sister was also out a few times to help with staining.  We've feed them well, but other than that, it's been pretty much free (we hope!)  Thanks so much!


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Comment by The Mitchell's on March 29, 2011 at 9:19pm
We are putting in a fireplace.  We are doing a stand alone propane fireplace in a corner.  Direct vent out the wall.  Vented isn't as efficient as non-vented, but we didn't want the extra possibility of moisture in the house.  We are looking at a Heritage stove from Empire Comfort Systems.
Comment by Pat Watters on March 29, 2011 at 6:37pm
Are you putting in a fireplace?  I don't see it in any pictures?  I have finished most of my cabin and want to do a faux stone corner fireplace...either gas or electric.  Wondered if you've done any research on what's best and most efficient.

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