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The co-living trend is becoming more and more popular every day. So, you are probably wondering what co-living actually is. Well, it is rather simple. It is a group of people, usually Millenials, who chose to live together in a shared space.

This trend is especially popular in bigger and metropolitan places like New York, where prices of renting can be humongous. Yes, sharing the price is one benefit of co-living spaces, but that does not mean that that is the only benefit. Quite the contrary. Besides the fact that it is affordable, it is also practical, more safe, and great for networking and meeting new people all the time.

Who knows, maybe your current roommate will become your new best friend or even your partner. So, if interested in co-living spaces in NYC, here is what you need to know.

It Will Save You a Lot of Money

As previously mentioned, community living or co-living is there to save you a lot of money. And that is something all of us need when living in New York. It is far cheaper than living alone or even renting a shared house. Usually, co-living implies a group of people, four, five, six, or even more, who live together and share all their bills. So, yes, you will split the rent, the utility bills, even the money for foods and drinks.

You will only have to pay for the who will help you relocate. Basically, that is the only way to make it in a place like New York when you are in your twenties or even older. Just think about it, you would need to pay around 3500$ for a one-bedroom apartment in New York. And when you add all the bills, groceries, and things you have to pay on an everyday basis, you will probably not be able to sleep at night.

It is Practical

First, let us begin by saying that co-living implies living with a lot of people you probably do not know. Yes, you will have your own room, but all other spaces -kitchen, bathroom, dining and living room, will be shared with everybody. So, yes, not everything will be done your way, and there is probably going to be a lot of mess and occasional fights.

But, if you do not mind those things, co-living will be amazing. Just be sure to create a cleaning and cooking chart or a timetable as soon as you all move in. Trust us, those charts can be lifesavers when living with a bunch of people. Also, decide who is going to do what. For instance, if there is a plumbing emergency, who will take care of it. That way, you will know exactly when is your time to cook and clean. And it is probably going to be once a week if there is a lot of you.


You Will Never Be Lonely

Even though New York is an urban jungle and there are millions of people living there, there is still a thing called - urban loneliness. And it is quite common in bigger cities. This is because people who moved into bigger cities did that in search of a better lifestyle. They are working non-stop, and have no time to catch up with their friends. And, even if they do have some time to spare and have fun, that feeling of close-knit communities is something that metropolitan cities lack. Because of this, most people feel alienated, lonely, and sometimes even depressed.

Co-living will help you beat that urban loneliness. How can you be lonely if you are living in a building where there are 50 people who share the same interests as you do. The same applies to apartment co-living too. You will constantly be surrounded by lots of people. Doing dishes, groceries shopping, trying new fitness trends will all be done in pairs, or all together. Moreover, where there are many young and same-minded people in one shared space, there are certainly going to be a lot of gatherings, parties, and events. 

How to Do it Right?

Yes, co-living can be hectic, chaotic, messy, and can sometimes give you a lot of headaches. However, all of that can be avoided with proper organization. So, as soon as you all move in, start discussing the house rules. Then, as previously mentioned, create charts and timetables. You must split the chores evenly if you want everybody to cooperate and be satisfied. You should even make a bathroom timetable if there is only one.

Maybe all of this sounds overwhelming, but soon you will realize that co-living is fun. Your housemates will become your best friends, they will offer you a sense of security and there is no way you will ever feel lonely, as long as you are friendly and share your cookies. Somebody will always help you find a job, help you find a partner, or do something small like share their dinner with you or recommend a great movie. You will never again need help when relocating or looking for somebody to protect your house while you are on a vacation

And What About the Cons?

Until now, we mentioned all the pros of co-living and how to do it properly. But, unfortunately, there are some cons that come with it too. The first and the most obvious con is that you can not live in a place like this if you are not a 'people person'. When living here, you will constantly have to interact with other housemates. And, if you do not like somebody, well, you are stuck with them.

Moreover, you will have to share everything - shower gel, hairdryer, socks, your diner... Sharing is the way of life in co-living spaces. However, what is probably the biggest con is the fact that there is a lack of personal space. If you are lucky enough, you will get just your own room. But, nevertheless, even in these co-living spaces, you can make your home more welcoming, inviting and comfortable, as long as you all organize well.

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