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Health Issues Sedentary Employees Face at Work

On the face of it, working in an office seems to be a simple form of employment. Sitting in front of your laptop or desktop typing, analyzing reports, or reconciling books may not look risky compared to working as a casual laborer on a factory floor, office work can be potentially harmful. If you want to avoid chronic conditions associated with working in an office there are ways you can prevent them.

Below is a quick reminder of the risks associated with office work and tips on how one can alleviate them effectively.

Strain on the Eyes

From smartphones to HDTVs, we cannot but help constantly looking at them to see images and texts sent by friends and family in contrasting resolutions. As if that isn’t enough, we spend more than eight hours in our office where we’re constantly looking at our laptops and the potentially harmful screen. This constant onslaught on our eyes has resulted in a huge rise in the number of unusual visual disorders. One such condition is Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS which results in blurry vision, acute headaches, and severe eye irritation.

How can you minimize the risk?

Make sure your monitor is placed slightly below your eye level and at least 25 inches away from your eyes. Reduce the glare and brightness of your screen to the lowest possible level and take a short break every 30 minutes.

Blue light is another culprit. It can disrupt sleep. If you’re working on your device at night, to lessen the impact, consider a pair of blue light blocking glasses or a blue light blocking the app, found on most phones these days - it dims the screen of your device automatically.

Strain on Your Neck

If you slouch and hunch in front of your laptop or your desktop chances of straining your neck increase. Straining your neck muscles can cause incessant pain that never seems to go away. Moreover, most of us work endless hours over the course of our work life in unhealthy sitting positions aggravating the situation even more.

How can you alleviate the pain? Work in a recommended sitting posture and don’t hunch over your workstation. You can even try exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Try taking yoga classes for greater flexibility and better spinal alignment.

Chronic Back Pain

Most office employees complain of severe back pain. Sitting in front of your computer for long hours can cause your back to curve in a certain away. We are not designed to sit in one place for too long. This is the reason why there has been an increase in the number of lifestyle diseases the modern society is stricken by.

So how is the sedentary lifestyle connected with back pain and spinal complications? Sitting down for such long hours every day severely increases the pressure on your pelvis and lower back region. How do you correct the situation? Get a sit-to-stand desk. It’ll help you break the routine of sitting down for long hours at a stretch. There are a number of tutorials online which can help you better understand remedies for back pain that can be performed from your office cubicle. All you need is a dependable internet service (a number of good options can be found through buytvinternetphone) to help start the ailing process.

Obesity Coupled with Unhealthy Weight Gain

Let’s face it. Obesity is a curse. People tend to gain weight as our metabolic rate goes down over the years. We lose muscle mass as we grow older. Obesity strikes most employees as they spend endless hours sitting in one position at their desks. Also, most workplaces have junk and fast food vending machines and one does go to them for a snack once in a while, especially to release stress at work. Fast food is high in fat and sugar content, which aggravates the obesity situation even further. By becoming obese you also become susceptible to other work-related injuries making your workplace still more risky for you.

How do you counter obesity and unhealthy weight gain? Exercise, and change your diet. A healthy balanced diet will bring you immense benefits provided you can sustain it. Do away with junk and fast food altogether and take time out for some physical exercise such as jogging, walking or light swimming.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is a condition that strikes people who do repetitive tasks. Repetitive motion increased wear and tear in the human body over time and our fingers are no exception. Individuals who work endlessly on their keyboards are bound to suffer from a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

How do you avoid Carpel Tunnel Syndrome? Rest your fingers and wrists every 15 to 20 minutes of continuous typing or writing. Exercise by clenching and unclenching at least 10 times to relieve them from the constant pounding you experience while at work.

Too many of us sit at our desk for long hours with a higher risk of various diseases. By following the above guidelines you can change yourself for better health and productivity. Here’s to a healthy and productive life.

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