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hi..i'm jerry and planning to build my log home on a riverside location in

northwestern ohio...but BOY! the issues! doing my "due diligence" but

over--freakin--whelmed with the options..(i guess northern white pine)

I want to..and i will... do is my retirement dream.

Question: (guidance?)..if a log company quotes a reasonable price for the

"dry in" and i contract the land clearance/basement/well/etc. Where are the

hidden expenses? Where does the log company really leave you?

this is what scares me...this is just a 2000 sq ft home..I

want to incorporate a basement and a geothermal well for HVAC..but i have 

visons of a truck of logs....four guys..and being left with the aftermess.

I do realize the contract spells out the actions but they are better at writing

contracts than i am at reading them!


recommendations/comments will be greatly appreciated: just to hear from someone

who faced these same issues/thoughts will be my starting point.

Again..i can do the math..the "hidden expense" (not just construction but

the maintenance) is the scarry!  help me in my dream!  thanks!...jerry

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Comment by Dolly - Es Log Home Restorations on March 5, 2011 at 8:45am

Hi Jerry, Just to try to ease your mind some building a log home does not have to be scary.

Getting a good builder is hard but check with the better business bureau in your area, be sure

they are insured, get references and call them. Be sure all the little things are done so that

you don't have alot of maintenance over the years. For instance your foundation should be

up so the back splash from rain doesn't hit your walls and rot them, have 18" to 24" over hangs

for your eves, NO bushes planted so they lay against the logs and be sure to have a good stain put on we use Sashco and love it. If you have any questions please feel free to call us. Dolly

Comment by Craig Johnson on March 4, 2011 at 3:05pm


It is a big undertaking and you are right, the 'unknown' is what can scare you and cost you. Try to get references on the builder and company you are dealing with. Stage your disbursements to the builder (IE - agree to a date and cost of your foundation, if the time and money is met, they contract continues on to the walls and finishing - if they won't sign, you'll know what you are dealing with)


There are process that allow for walls to go up in a few hours and for you to be weather tight (dried in) in a few days...but I'll leave you to do your research on that. No aftermess to worry about...


You are in the right place to look for answers.


Sounds like a very nice project you are about to undertake. Best of luck sourcing knowledge and building!


Comment by CharisB on March 2, 2011 at 1:33pm

Jerry - I would suggest you post this in the "Forums" area of this website.  More people watch the forum for these kinds of questions.  You should get quick responses.  Here's a link:


While you're there, you might also just look around there.  There's a search option at top & you could find out lots of info from people who've already posted on these things.


Hope that helps! 


charis w/ Sashco

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