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High Water Table? How to Protect Your Cabin in the Mountains

No matter where your home is, having a high water table can lead to your foundation being undermined. You have to take measures to protect the stability of your home. Here are some of the strategies that you should employ in order to protect your cabin in the woods from a high water table.

Divert Runoff

Runoff and other forms of standing water could be causing your home to become damaged. This is because the ground can start to settle or shift underneath your foundation. If left unchecked, it could cause cracking and damage to your entire home. Diverting this water away from your home is the first place to start. This could come in the form of installing a water diversion system for your gutters or even building a retaining wall that will prevent water intrusion issues.

Look to Your Foundation

Cracks in your foundation could be an indication that there’s a problem with your home. Dealing with the causes of the cracks is the first place to start so that other problems won’t start to develop with the rest of your home. Engaging in foundation repair will help to stabilize the rest of your home and may even help to seal out some of the water. You can provide your foundation with even more protection by coating it with a sealing paint or other type of material.

Install a Pumping System

You may have seen homes that have a sump pump that will remove the water that does get underneath your house. Many of these systems will even have a secondary pump that will help to keep it completely dry. Look to installing a backup power source so that you aren’t left with problems if the power were to go out. This could come in the form of a generator or some other electrical device depending on the size of your pump and the amount of water that’s expected.

Balance Your Load

Another common way to protect your cabin is to use a raft system for your foundation. This is where a concrete slab is poured in order to create the most stable base possible for the rest of your cabin. The point of the raft is to prevent water intrusion issues and to seal out any potential moisture source. This method is more commonly used when you’re installing it on bedrock or some other solid surface that will prevent shifting.

You have options when it comes to protecting your cabin from a high water table. Use these tips so that you can get started on taking the next steps for your cabin.

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