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Hey Everyone,

I have started the long project of sanding down to bare wood and fixing bee holes. So far, I have found a few hollow sounding logs and one short one that seems loose. This is a learning process for me. Should I do or is there something I can do to the hollow logs(they do not feel soft at all). And for the loose one, any ideas? Also, my metal roof has a lot of spot rust on it. It comes right off when I sand it, doesnt take much. Lowes guys said that you cant paint it because the sun will bake it right off. I would like to get rid of the rust and then re-seal it. Any suggestions on the proper sealant/paint?

Thanks again neighborhood,


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Comment by Bob Mack on November 13, 2010 at 8:40pm
I like what Joe is saying about the paint also use a scratch pad to ruff up the surface to give the paint something to bite to.
If you are going to drill and fill get some 3/8 dowels to fill the holes and cut them off with a chisel also drill on the lower part of the radius so it don't act as a funnel when it rains.
Comment by Michael Whalen on November 13, 2010 at 3:33pm
Sounds like you may have some rotten logs, you can go to for more information on ways to repair this scenario.
Comment by Joe on November 12, 2010 at 11:44am
First of all I'm not an expert so take the following with a large grain of salt. A certain amount of rusting doesn't necessarily hurt steel as the rust itself shuts off the oxygen and prevents more rusting. Sanding it just allows the process to start over again. If you wanted to paint it, there are high temperature engine paints available but this might not look good if doing spots. Actually proper sanding, metal priming and painting should work even with high temperatures. If the metal is galvanized, it is hard to get paint to stick but not impossible. The trick is to paint when the metal is cool so it has time to dry properly and use the right primer. Cars sit in hot sun all day without the paint peeling off.

The hollow sounding logs might be handled by drilling 2 holes at what might appear to be each end of the hollow and spraying expanding foam in one hole. Just don't get carried away with the quantity. This foam might at least keep further water penetration from taking place and slowing down the process. The loose log might be cured by injecting 2 part epoxy. These are both temporary fixes that might last a long time versus really tearing things apart. Hopefully we can get some of the blog experts to jump in at this point. I would do some searching on the Internet and also call some of our blog people that are in the staining/caulking business.

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