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Home Building: The Best Practices for a New Landscape Design

Moving into a new home or building a new property is an exciting time. During this time, you will likely make a lot of plans regarding the design of your home. One part of your home that you should continue to consider as well is your landscaping plan. There are five important tips to follow that can help you to create a great landscaping plan.

Choose a Landscape Design that is Native to Your Area

One tip to follow when you are designing your landscaping plan is to create a design that is full of native plants. One issue that people have with their landscaping is that they try to place plants that do not grow naturally in their area. These plants then are not normally equipped for the local weather, which will not help them thrive. According Utah landscape design company Berg Landscape Architects, creating a natural landscape will enhance your property. 

Avoid Aggressive Plants

Another issue that a lot of people make is that they will put in plants that are known to be aggressive and grow quickly. Plants that are aggressive and will grow often look very nice when they are well contained. However, during the spring and summer months of the year, these plants tend to grow at an unbelievable rate. These will then quickly look very overgrown and will be hard for you to keep up with. Further, their expanding roots and growth space will also expand, which can cause harm to other plants in your garden.

Don’t Overwater

Most people are fully aware that plants need water in order to thrive and prosper. However, some people end up watering them too much. This can then actually cause them to suffer as they are effectively drowning. It can also loosen the soil too much where it is not providing enough protection. You should also avoid using a sprayer setting that creates too much force and causes damage to the plants. Instead, you should water based on the needs of your plants and also consider rainwater that they are getting naturally.

Consider Pests

While you can do all that you can to plant an attractive landscaping design, all of this will be lost if your plants are eaten by rabbits and other rodents. It is important to consider the types of animals that are in your area and to avoid planting too many of their favorite foods in front of your home. Doing this will also reduce the likelihood that they will form a nest and home in close proximity to the rest of your property.

Know Your Limitations

Finally, when you are creating any landscaping plan, it is impossible to know your limitations when it comes to maintaining it. Certain plants can look great and be healthy for years with a minimal amount of effort. On the other hand, other plans require a consistently high level of work. It is important that you take this into consideration when designing your landscaping plan. If you do not have the time to dedicate to regular gardening, you should plan on hiring landscapers to manage it for you. This additional cost should be considered as well.

Ultimately, a nice landscaping plan is a great addition to any home. While you can create a great landscaping plan for your home, it is also very possible and likely that it can wear down over time. To ensure that your landscaping looks great for years to come, it is very beneficial to follow these best practices and gardening tips.

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