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Home Checkups: 7 Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

No matter how nasty a winter, spring does finally arrive. Before it does, there is a list of maintenance checks a homeowner should perform to make the house ready for the warmer weather.


Clean the Air Conditioners

Make sure that the space around the condenser is clear, then turn the power to the unit off. Take off the grid and clean the fins and the condenser coil. Wash or replace filters. If the filters are washed, let them dry thoroughly before replacing them. If the air conditioning needs more maintenance that a layperson can manage, contact a professional such as Robison Air.


Tend to Security

For security, make sure foundation plants and hedges are not higher than the windowsills on the ground floor. Check the outdoor lights to make sure they’re in good working order, and replace those that are not. Don’t replace them with very bright lights, for they throw dark shadows where miscreants can hide.


Inspect Plumbing Pipes

Inspect the pipes for leaks. Inspect them all through the house, including the basement. If the homeowner has a crawlspace and really can’t bear to enter it, have a plumber check the pipes there.


Inspect the Fireplaces

Fires in the hearth cause a flammable substance called creosote to build up on the chimney wall. The chimney sweep will clean this out and make sure there are no obstructions in the chimney such as animal nests, leaves or dead animals.


Clean the Fans

Fans augment the rest of the HVAC system by helping the air conditioning cool down the house, disbursing heat from the registers and drawing in fresh air. As usual, before cleaning a fan unplug it or cut off the power to it. Wash the blades, but don’t turn the fan back on until they are completely dry. One trick is to have the ceiling fans turn counterclockwise to circulate cool air.


Replace Old Wiring

If the house is older, it may have aluminum wire. In that case, the homeowner shouldn’t try any substantial electrical repairs, but should call an electrician. Ideally, now is the time to replace aluminum wire with copper.


Check the Water Heater

Have a plumber inspect the water heater. This means making sure the thermostat is working, the water temperature is correct, the burners on the gas water heater are working well, dirty water is drained and the anode rod and pressure relief valve are operational.


These seven steps go a long way in letting a family enjoy their home during the warm weather. Maintenance is not expensive, and saves money in the long run. This is especially true if the household has a service contract with their HVAC professional.

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