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Home Improvement: Why You Need New Windows Before Spring

You’ll enjoy many benefits from quality new windows, and if you put your home on the market, they’ll be a strong selling point too. Here are reasons to install new windows before spring.

New Windows Look Fabulous

If your windows are getting older, they’re probably outdated and showing their age. If you’re tired of looking at yellowed, cracked or rotted frames, then replacement windows are the answer. You’ll love how they update the look of your home, inside and out, and they’ll dramatically improve curb appeal too.

You’ve Got Many Attractive Options

Today’s window lines are better-looking than ever with options to customize them to fit your home beautifully. Options from window dealers like Westview Glass & Aluminum include a range of interior and exterior colors, frame type and style, grille and screen styles, standard and specialty glass, dust-free internal blinds and much more. Single- and double-hung, casement, awning, fixed, bay, bow and custom windows are among your many options. Most are available in wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass.

Savings, Comfort and Eco friendliness

Old windows not only look terrible, they are often drafty. Warped frames and broken seals allow treated air, heated or cooled, to escape while outside air penetrates your home. This heat transfer makes your home less comfortable, and it causes your HVAC system to work overtime whether it is heating or cooling. The results are higher energy use and costs all year. New windows are environmentally friendly, and that’s good for the earth. They lower your energy costs, and that’s good for your budget.

Noise Control

Old, drafty windows let in more than outside air. Noise comes with it. New, tightly built windows keep more noise out of your home, so the sounds from the street, the neighbor mowing the lawn or the kids making a racket won’t disturb the peace and quiet within.

Deals are Available Now

When the weather warms up, contractors’ phones begin to ring with homeowners wanting work done. EcoLine Windows of Canada suggests beating the rush because you might find window companies offer very competitive prices and promotions now to keep business flowing. Windows can be installed in cold weather, one window at a time, to limit the temperature discomfort in your home.

New replacement windows are an investment in your home’s comfort, appearance, energy efficiency and value. Those are great reasons you need new windows before spring!

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