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How Hail Storms Damage Your Roof and What Can Be Done About It

If your cabin is in an area that gets heavy storms, then you might have to deal with hail damage at some point over the years. While those types of storms can be devastating, there are a few steps that you can take to quickly repair the damage and reduce your risk of future problems.

A Look at Hail Damage

The type of damage that hail creates depends on many different factors, and that includes the size of the hail, how much hail is coming down, and the speed of the wind. Smaller hailstones in light winds will generally result in nothing more than dents. Unfortunately, when larger hailstones are falling in high winds, then you might end up with shattered windows, cracked roof tiles, and deep dents in the sides of your cabin.

The Importance of Repairs

Some hail damage is going to be purely cosmetic, but there are still a few reasons why you should address those problems right away. If the hail has put holes or cracks in your roof, then you might end up dealing with a wide array of issues. A leaky roof can let in water and create openings for pests. Holes in your roof will also have a huge impact on your heating and cooling bills.

Fixing Your Roof

Even though you might be able to take care of minor damage on your own, you should consider contacting a residential roofing company. Working on a roof is very dangerous, and a single mistake could result in life-threatening injuries. A roofing company should be able to replace damaged tiles and patch any holes within just a few days. They can also help you come up with a comprehensive plan for protecting your roof.

Preventing Future Problems

The most effective way to protect your roof from hail damage is to use tiles that are made from impact-resistant materials. Many cabin owners have switched over to asphalt shingles or stainless steel roofing panels to prevent unnecessary damage from hail and snow. You also have the option of reinforcing your roof with heavy anchors if you live in an area that gets high winds as well as hail.

A serious storm can be very problematic, but that doesn’t mean that you need to accept hail damage without a fight. With some simple maintenance and a few upgrades, you could greatly reduce your risk of expensive roof problems in the coming years.

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