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How To Clean Your Windows Like Professionals?

Cleaning your glass windows is not a very easy job. If you do not have a regularly scheduled cleaning routine, the state of your window is imaginable. Thoroughly cleaning the windows might not always be successful, and you might need help with those every once in a while or even at least twice in a year. Here are some tips from professionals on how to keep your windows squeaky clean. 

1.Squeegees over anything 

If you want a crystal clear window, try squeegees, and it is assured that you will never go back to using a washcloth or spray bottle for this anymore. Squeegees make the glass clear in seconds compared to paper towels or clothes. 

2. Basic window cleaning equipment. 

Window cleaning done by professionals include water-fed poles, special scrubbers, etc. You can have a high-quality clean window by using some readily available items from the home supplies section. A squeegee is a must in this case. A bucket, a cleaning liquid, and small towels will do the job. Use a sharp rubber blade for your squeegee for professionals to use water fed poles for deep cleaning purposes. It wouldn’t be a necessity for people with small houses. 

3.Lint-free clothes

Keep a set of lint-free microfiber cloths that are used to remove moisture when the cleaning process is finally done. Using a lint-free microfiber cloth has the advantage over normal cloth as using an ordinary cloth leaves the watermark and even lint on the window, which makes the window look blurry even after a thorough cleaning. Invest in a set of these clothes. 

4. Rubber gloves and scraper

If you are using a detergent to clean the window, it is better to use rubber gloves on both hands as it might cause some skin allergy to some people. It also prevents any chance of injury as well as your hands getting dirty. A good pair of these gloves keeps your hand injury-free and smooth. A scraper is a sharp replaceable metal blade device used to remove tough stains like varnish, paint, etc. from the glass window. A small pocket-friendly scraper is used by even the professionals. If you are planning to work with the scraper on your own for the glass, make sure you are very careful as these, when used by inexperienced, can cause serious damage and scratches on the glass. 



1.Choose a dim & cloudy day to clean your windows so that only streaking is caused by the sun, and water does not get dried up and stay as drops on the glass.

  1. Put on the gloves for protection
  2. Rinse after using the detergent. 
  3. Dunk the squeegee into a bucket of water and smear it over the car.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and clean the windows with a lint-free cloth. 

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