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How to Design a Home With a Nature Theme

If you love nature, you are probably always looking for ways to bring more of it into your life. More specifically, you might be thinking of ways to bring more of it into your home so you can have the natural beauty with you every day. This is a wonderful idea, and one that has been catching on lately.


People are getting more creative with interior design, to create a custom home that they love. Nature possesses the beauty and the dynamics to enhance just about anyplace.


Use Materials that are Natural and Earthy


This tip may seem a bit obvious, but it does make a difference. For example, dried flowers will look more natural than a plastic flower decal. Wood and stone are the two primary earthy materials you can work with. Wood floors are a classic choice.  Furniture made of driftwood can make a stylish inclusion to any interior-design inspired by nature.


You can also use stone tiles, sculptures, or even fountains. Candles make a lovely display of fire. A pool or fountain will allow you to incorporate water, and wind can be created with fresh, natural air from open windows, or fans.


To make a small room look larger, spruce the walls up with a new light-colored coat of paint. Pastel colors reflect light best, and will help maximize the space visually.


Plants Are The Top Way to Bring Nature Into Your Home

When it comes to decorating your house, don’t forget about plants. Plants provide beauty outside every day. While potted plants may sound like more work, they are well worth having to water occasionally. There are also many indoor plants, succulents especially, that require minimum care.


Plant decorations can be placed on windowsills, bookshelves, in bathrooms (with appropriate natural lighting), and wherever gets some light each day. Plants can bring color and beauty to spots like this, which would otherwise be bare. Pothos plants in particular are often seen draped across doorways, or down bookshelves. The trailing vine is nothing short of picturesque, and the plant is conveniently low-maintenance. Vines like this are a fantastic option. If you live in a city in Delaware or the like, plants like this are space-efficient and will spruce up the urban area nicely.


Aloe vera and succulents of all kinds require watering infrequently. If you forget about them for a little while, they are unlikely to die. They are usually okay with the lower light levels typical of indoors. Succulents have a cute, unique, natural look.


A Water Fountain Will Create Ambiance in Your Home

When it comes to home design, a fountain makes an outstanding feature.There are some downright breathtaking indoor fountain designs out there -tree stumps, lilies, stone sculptures, abstract forms, glass waterfalls, and more.


A fountain will not only add to the aesthetics of your home, it will also contribute greatly to the ambiance. The sound of trickling water as a backdrop for a conversation, or during a quiet moment of our day, has the powerful ability to soothe.


The trickling of a fountain evokes images of rivers, streams and waterfalls. They are a unique way to bring a bit of nature indoors, and can enhance any interior design, really.


Candles in Natural Scents Will Evoke the Woods Indoors

Candles will make your house more welcoming. There are the classic candle scents, like pumpkin pie, vanilla, cucumber melon, and so on. Change it up, and freshen the space with a unique nature fragrance.


To go full-on natural, consider soy candles rather than your standard ones, which are made from paraben wax. Soy candles do not produce smoke, and have a much further throw.


Pine, cedar, sandalwood, wild roses, and other natural smells can evoke the woods indoors. They are a quick and easy way to bring nature into your home.


Another fantastic way to bring the woods indoors? Upgrade your home to a log home.



Hanging Herbs in Your Home for Fragrance and Beauty

Harkening back to the old days, herbs can be hung in your home. These will bring color and life to any space. They go best in the kitchen, dining room or living room, where they can be accessed and admired easily. This is because some dried herbs can actually be made use of, for cooking or tea.


You may hang a variety of herbs and flowers, for aesthetics and for the sake of practicality. A bonus of hanging herbs is that they often have a mild, herbal and floral fragrance, which can add a new layer of coziness - and a touch of nature - to your living space.


You can no doubt see how these how all of these elements combined can create a natural interior design that is truly extraordinary. If in Delaware, consider the help of DE home builders to make bigger changes and to help things run smoothly.


The perfect home will please the senses: sight, smell, and sound alike. The murmur of a fountain, the glow of candles and the wafting smell of wildflowers in the meadow… Walking into a serene natural environment like this is its own, invaluable kind of paradise.


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