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How to Discourage Break-ins? 7 Effective Tips to Consider

The innovation of deadbolts in the year 1960 reduced residential burglaries to a great extent. At present, approximately 35% of houses all across the globe are equipped with superior electronic system, which enhanced safety quotient unimaginably. The following write-up specifies some more ways to discourage break-ins. Please check them out right now.

  1. Never Showboat

Leaving certain items in plain sight from the street unintentionally lures petty thieves onto your house just like frantic hunters to the flea market. If you have a scooter or bicycle that anyone can walk away with easily, roll it inside the garage immediately. Also, after buying an expensive product such as a laptop or a plasma screen television, never keep the packing box beside the trash can outside.

  1. Purchase Double Glazed Windows

The top-notch professionals offering quality yet affordable double glazed windows in Melbourne said these are exceptionally tough, hence, unlike the single-pane windows, cannot be trampled. Also as double glazed windows are sealed tightly, one will fail to open it using his or her physical strength. Now isn’t that absolutely great?  

  1. Trick Thieves

If a thief founds out someone is in the home, he or she will most likely to break in. Studies have shown that nearly all burglaries happen during the day when people are out for work. So, when you are leaving a house, create an illusion that you or any other family member is still there. Leave a light on. Are you worried about the electricity bills? Well, fix CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs. 

  1. Never Leave a Spare Key Outside

It might seem viable, and you have probably seen many of your friends do it, but leaving a spare key under the doormat or flowerpot actually has a series of disadvantages. It acts as an open invitation for a burglar to waltz inside your house without any hassle, and take whatever he or she wants. Someone might see you retrieving the key, thus, compromising your hiding place.

  1. Secure the Yard

Tall trees and shrubs allow thieves to hide easily and wait for the right time to attack. Now this does not mean you have to keep your yard barren but trim the shrubs, bushes, and plants, which have grown excessively. Also cut the branches of tall trees, which reach the upper storey windows.

  1. Prepare Before Holidays

Residential burglaries spike when people leave for vacations, which means during the Christmas and New Year. If you are going out of the town for a couple of weeks, inform the local police so that they can watch over your house. Alert the neighbours if you trust them, and ask them to keep an eye on your property.

  1. Install Flyscreens

The renowned providers of fly screens for doors and windows said even though it is designed to keep flies, mosquitoes, bees, etc. at bay, fly screens can also contribute to security. They are manufactured from sturdy materials and are capable of preventing any sort of undesirable entry. The frames and mesh are hard, so none can tamper it.

Remember, most of the break-ins occur due to force, which means one can reduce them simply by investing in durable locks. A routine maintenance is mandatory because when used for a prolonged period, any kind of lock, unfortunately, attracts excessive grime, thus, stop functioning in a seamless manner. Spray a tad bit over-the-counter lubricant, and thoroughly wipe the insides.

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