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How to Keep Your Cabin Comfy and Cool in the Summer

Cabins are often the perfect destination for a summer trip, vacation, or holiday. While a comfy cabin can turn even a weekend trip into a more enjoyable experience, lacking an effective way to beat the heat can turn even the best planned summer getaway into a real ordeal. Learning how to keep your cabin comfy and cool in the summer could be easier than you might expect.

Improving Ventilation

There are times when simply opening a window may be all it takes. Ceiling fans, box fans and more powerful attic and exhaust fans can also make a big difference. Improved ventilation can promote greater comfort while also ensuring that poor indoor air quality is less likely to become an issue.

Air Conditioners

On the hottest summer days, turning on a fan or opening a window simply won’t cut it. Air conditioners are the only way to go. Central air conditioning or window-mount units able to provide room and area-specific cooling are often the gold standard when it comes to keeping cool and staying comfortable. Purchase and installation costs are often well worth the increased comfort that only the latest range of units and equipment options may be able to provide.


A row of bushes or a strategically-placed shade tree are also effective ways to keep the mercury from climbing too high during warm summer days. Doors, windows and even bare walls that are exposed to direct sunlight for long hours can radiate a great deal of heat into indoor areas. Shading your cabin or upgrading your landscaping in an effort to minimize sunlight exposure helps to improve comfort levels while ensuring that utility costs and electric bills are less likely to get out of hand.

Adjusting Your Household Routines

Mixing up your established summer routine can also be very helpful. Planning your shopping and other errands for the hottest part of the day, or keeping the oven off during the afternoon and early evening makes it much easier to keep things cool and comfortable. Going for a swim, taking a shaded nature walk or finding other outdoor activities that can help you to cool off can also be a smart move.

An unexpected heat wave can be all it takes to dash your plans of a dream vacation. Knowing how to keep interior temperatures under control is not an aspect of your holiday plans that should be left up to chance. From fans and air conditioners to landscaping upgrades and simple alterations to your daily household routines, there are plenty of ways to keep your cabin cool and comfy all summer long.

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