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How to Keep Your Cabin Cool and Comfy in the Summer

Owning a cabin is a great way to have a ready-made getaway any time of year. Whether it’s a break from the heat of the city or an escape to the cold of the mountains, a comfortable cabin can be just what you need to recharge. Of course, cabins are usually rustic by design and don’t have air conditioning. Here are four ideas on helping your cabin maintain a comfortable temperature in the summer.

Good Tree Management

The best way to resist the sun’s heat is to keep it out of the house. Trees placed in just the right location will block a lot of solar energy. Plan trees on the south side of the cabin, and if you’re considering removing some established trees, consider where they cast their shadows. Sometimes a single tree can do wonders for your comfort without obstructing your view.

Good Air Circulation

Keeping hot air away from the living space is crucial, and while hot air does naturally rise, it can sometimes use a little help. For example, a first-floor picture window might let a lot of sunlight into the cabin. With appropriately-sized ceiling fans operating, that hot air will quickly be drawn upward and away from the living space, allowing cooler air to fill in behind it.

Using Ventilation

It’s true that you can’t fight the weather. You must work with it. When the wind is moving outside, take advantage of it. Open only the windows facing the wind and those opposite the wind so that you can create a sort of wind tunnel to draw air efficiently through the house. If you open the windows on the sides, the air will swirl through the house and not remove as much heat.

Planning Cooking & Laundry

If your cabin includes a kitchen and laundry, you have two big sources of heat. The oven and dryer are designed to do nothing but create heat, and when you want the cabin to be cool, that’s a problem. Dry your clothes late in the evening, or better yet, air-dry them outside without using the dryer at all. Focus on meal preparation during the evening as well so that the night air helps indoor temps recover.

Air conditioning has been around for so long that many of us don’t know the art of cooling a home without it. A few summer nights in a cabin will help you regain that skill, and these tips can lead the way.

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