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How to Maintain Your Cabin’s Pool and Hot Tub

After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than grabbing a nice cool beverage and taking a dip in the pool. After a grueling workout, it’s nice to relax those muscles in the comfort of your private hot tub. While hot tubs and pools are amazing to have, they require maintenance. Consider these four ways you can work on maintaining your cabin’s pool and hot tub.

Use the Spa or Pool Cover

Imagine what would happen if you left a jar of peanut butter open outside. Bugs, rodents and dirt would get inside. If you keep it protected with a cover, it’ll remain free of debris. The same concept applies to the pool and the hot tub. Plus, you wouldn’t want to jump into a pool where you can see dirt, leaves or rodent feces.

Systematically Pour Chemicals In

Whether you’re dealing with a pool or a hot tub, both require a certain amount of chemicals. Never pour in all the chemicals at one time. Instead, pour in one chemical and allow it time to get distributed throughout the water. For a hot tub, it’s wise to wait two hours before pouring in the next liquid on your list.

Change the Water

You can change the water once every three months and be okay. This means that you can last a whole summer season without having the change the water as part of regular pool maintenance. However, don’t go longer than six months. Decide the water changing frequency based on who uses the pool and how often. If you have a bunch of children that swim in the pool every day, you might want to change the water every three months. However, if the pool serves as a decorative feature, six months will work just fine.

Clean the Filters

It’s important to remember the clean the filters on a regular basis. Ideally, it’s best to strive to clean the filter once every two weeks. The reason why this is important is because in order for the filter to work properly, it must always remain unclogged. The filter catches debris and trash. If too debris much collects, it can end up damaging the whole system.

Some people get turned off by the concept of doing more chores that they don’t remain consistent with the pool and hot tub maintenance. Ironically, it’s not difficult to maintain. You just have to commit to making sure each step gets done when it’s time. Create reminders in your phone to help you stay focused until a task is done. Before long, it’ll feel like second nature.

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