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With the current state of the property market many people are having to live in or move to smaller houses/apartments than they would like - particularly new home owners.

So here are some tips on how to use your furniture and decorations to make the most of smaller spaces, without them looking overcrowded or cluttered.


Made to measure furniture

Many people think that buying made to measure furniture will be more expensive but that often isn’t the case and will be worth it to save you the struggle of trying to find ready made furniture to fit the space correctly. It will also save you having to down size your furniture if the ‘standard’ measurements don’t fit well enough.

Mount the television on the wall
It’s not only very trendy at the moment to have your television mounted on the wall instead of on an entertainment unit, it will save you space and money having to buy a unit to stand your television on. In addition, most televisions now contain DVD drives etc. so you don’t have to buy or store them separately.

Large pieces of furniture

Now this one may not be expected but having a few larger pieces of furniture will look better than having a lot of smaller pieces. It will often fit the space better than having to arrange lots of furniture and having less pieces will help prevent the space from looking overcrowded or cluttered.

Multi-use furniture

Having furniture that is multi use will save both money and space by having a collection of things in one rather than having to buy them separately. This isn’t limited to just sofa beds and doesn’t have to be dull. With a bit of searching, you can find an incredible amount of creative pieces, including a full length mirror which opens to a cupboard.

Fold-away furniture

Having fold-away furniture will help save space and can also be trendy. Tables and chairs sets that have chairs to fit under the table are becoming very popular and will save space whilst looking chic rather than cluttered. In addition, having fold up chairs at desks will save space as you can unfold them when needed but store them away when they aren’t in use.



Having lots of light in a smaller space is key, it creates the illusion of it being more spacious than it actually is. So ensuring that the curtains or any other form of window covers such as blinds etc. aren’t blocking the natural light when open is important to allows as much light in as possible.


Similarly to the above point having mirrors or glass objects will reflect the natural light being let in through the window and will make it appear as though there are even more light/light sources in the room or space than actually are. This in turn also gives the illusion of more space.

Decorate Vertically

Decorating vertically will not only save space but having things vertical rather than horizontal will make it seem as though there is more space. Having shelves stacked on the wall rather than the floor helps this and having few pieces of art or photographs on the wall will also make it look bigger but still well decorated without being cluttered.

Avoid bold patterns

Have bold or loud patterns can make the room or space look too busy which causes it to look cluttered despite it not being. To avoid this go for lighter colours on the walls to brighter it up and use little decorations such as small plants to bring more colour into the space without over loading it, they will also make the space more relaxing.

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