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How to Pick the Perfect Roof for Your Summer Home

A summer home is a great investment. You don’t have to worry about choosing a destination or finding a hotel. Instead, you just pack up and head to your own place. Because summer homes feel more like a hotel sometimes, we often forget that we still have to perform routine upkeep. That means things like roof repair and replacement. If your summer home needs a new roof, or if you’re building a summer home, here are four things to consider when it comes to the roof.

Neighborhood Trends

It’s important that your vacation home matches the other homes in the area. The distinctive architecture of the country may not be established in law, but you want to be a good neighbor and try to fit in. Whether you’re surrounded by cedar shakes or clay tiles, try to fit in to preserve neighborhood identity, property value, and good relationships with your neighbors.

Home Maintenance

Every roof takes attention, but for a summer home, the less work your roof will require, the better. The storms of spring may dislodge shingles before you arrive for vacation, creating a to-do list that can really put a hitch in your plans. If your summer home is far from your own home, you either need to choose a low-maintenance roof or locate reputable roofers who can make repairs while you’re gone.

Fire Safety

When a wildfire threatens, one of the most vulnerable parts of a home is the roof. Wooden shingles are beautiful and may meet our standard for fitting in, but they are very vulnerable to fire. If your summer home is in mountainous areas or in any other wooded location, you’d be wise to choose a roof that provides the maximum possible protection against flying embers.

Winter Weather

Another extreme in summer home weather is snow and ice. We all love the idea of a cozy chalet in a relentless winter storm, but the accumulation of ice and snow can cause the roof to leak or collapse. The best roof for a home in a snowy area is not only steeply pitched but also built with a smooth surface that quickly sheds snow before it creates too much weight.

The roof is a key part of a home and choosing the right type of roof for your vacation home is key to making that piece of property a source of enjoyment instead of hassle. As you plan for the roof on your summer home, think about your time, money, and convenience.

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