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How to Prevent and Treat Ice Formation on Your Roof

There’s nothing more beautiful on a crisp, winter morning than icicles hanging from a roofline. Looking through a child’s eyes, the more significant these icicles are, the better. However, they are often an indication of a substantial problem with your roof.

Ice dams occur when water comes down the roofline and freezes. If the gutters are blocked, then the water has no way to escape. These dams can also form due to a ventilation issue. Here are some ways that you can prevent and treat these occurrences.

Use a Snow Rake to Clear the Roof

Snow should melt from your roof before it has a chance to freeze. If it’s not melting quickly enough, then you should use a rake to remove it. Don’t just use any old rake because it will damage the shingles. Purchase one with a graphite blade made for the job. Every time you get a significant snowfall, you should clear the roof to prevent ice dams.

Create a Channel in the Ice

If you’re into do-it-yourself projects, then you may love this easy hack. Fill a pair of old pantyhose with calcium chloride or another ice-melting chemical. Allow it to hang over the edge of the roof so that ice will melt as it begins to freeze. Be careful, and don’t put the stockings inside the gutters as this will corrode the metal. Try to hang several of these in an inconspicuous place.

Call in the Professionals

If the ice dams are creating a significant problem and leaking into the home, then you need to call in a professional to handle the issue. One reason why so many people are switching to a metal roof is that it will quickly melt snow, and they don’t have the pile-ups that occur on other styles. A professional can address the problem and minimize the damages.

Chip Away the Ice

When the ice isn’t too bad, you can chip it away with a rubber mallet. It’s also beneficial to widen any drainage channels, which will help increase the ability to drain water from the roof quickly. It’s best to use the mallet trick on a warm day when the ice has already begun to melt. Remember, only use rubber tools as anything metal can damage the gutters or roof and be very expensive to repair.

The winter weather can be harmful to your roof and every other part of your home. By being proactive about keeping up with ice and snow on the roof, you can save yourself a great deal of heartache from costly repairs.

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