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Incorporating Natural Home Color Schemes Without Relying On Brown

Behr says blueprint is the most popular color choice for 2019. This rich color invokes a sense of class and style in any home. The tone comes from the blueprints you see on an architect's desk when designing a structure. Shades of this blue, green tones, grays, and flowery designs are natural hues you can use to make your home look beautiful without relying on the same old tan, beige, and chocolate brown colors in years past. 

Quartz or Granite Counters Come in a Variety of Color Options

Adding new kitchen or bathroom counters is an excellent way to improve the look and feel of your home. These materials may add value to your house as well. Granite comes in a variety of colors, but some of the most common styles include white counters with flecks in various hues of red, blue, and black. To stay natural, going with a gold, black, or gray accent is a good idea. 

Basalt Tiles Make Your Floors a Stunning Feature in Your Home

To complement your blueprint walls, a bluestone tile floor made of basalt can be the perfect accent. You can also use the tile as the main focal point of a room. Adding similar shades of blue throughout the room will bring the design together and make your space look cohesive. If a bright blue is not your style, then you can make the look more natural with a bluestone graphite option that has a gray base with a blue tint. Either option is appealing and fun to use for a new color palette. 

Wallpaper Choices with Floral Patterns Keep the Natural look Flowing in Your Home

Natural colors do not have to be boring to be beautiful. You can add pops of color with wallpapers with big, bright flowers to make a statement. When you want your guests to have something to converse about when they visit, then floral wallpaper is an excellent choice. You can find complimenting colors in purple and orange to go with blue, gray, and green paint and flooring styles. 

Jewel Tones are Big this Year

Greens are an excellent natural color you can incorporate into home designs. Behr says you can use olives and leaf tones to create a trendy look that will have the neighbors gawking. These shades pair well with the most popular blue tone along with a raisin purple color and a burnt orange shade. You can opt for green furniture and blue walls or floors and use the orange and purple as accents to create a unique natural color palette that includes the most popular jewel tones for this year. 

Making your home look natural does not mean sticking with dirt and sand colors. You can use natural color tones to bring an upbeat vibe to any space. Using blues, greens, grays, and floral colors can create a spectacular design that is full of character. When you want your home to stand out in a good way, then choosing these natural tones is an excellent place to start.

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