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People usually don’t own a log home to be like everybody else. Why, then, do so many people furnish their log home based on how other log-home owners furnish theirs? There are clichés, which enough folks stoop to that that’s why they’re clichés. That’s understandable, though, given that even people who recognize standard interior styles in other homes often can’t identify what characterizes log-home style.


It goes beyond the individual components — this chair, that bed, those cabinets. At its heart, it’s about announcing your passion for wood.


Logs aren’t a neutral backdrop. They ought to influence your decor choices. If you’re confident you know how you want your log home furnished before you build it, choose logs that will showcase that style. Contemporary looks and rustic logs rarely work together, for example.


The key isn’t finding just what works but what works for you. When you realize just how many combinations and variations are possible, you’ll appreciate how easily a mishmash might result. Still, it may be preferable to a copycat look that doesn’t really signify that your log home is exclusively yours. Most likely, you’ll develop a coherent (if only to you) theme. Often, individual pieces within that theme are scattered, incorporating ideas folks have seen in other log homes and liked.


I’m puzzled by Log Home Living readers who complain because the magazine never shows pictures of the log home they’re dreaming of. I don't disagree, but I don’t see it as a shortcoming. Lush color photographs in a large-format, printed magazine can be inspirational and full of ideas. But unless your goal is to re-create someone else’ dream, don’t look for pictures of your exact home. Your home hasn’t been built yet.


Choosing the logs and furniture and accessories that are right for you is all about understanding what you want and expressing your wishes confidently. That’s really all there is to log-home style.

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