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Pregnancy is a lovely thing to happen to a woman. It completes them. When pregnant, women live the happiest times of their lives. There can be some physical and mental problems but the most important feeling that prevails throughout is of happiness.

Many people say that it is a difficult thing to gauge when the contraction will happen. Some take help of contraction timers in these cases. Once you start contracting you can check the timing. Start from the beginning of the contraction and stop when the next contraction begins again. You can jot down the time in a sheet of paper and keep a track of it. By this, you will also get to know the length and duration of each contraction. If you notice the pattern of your contraction then you can let your gynaecologists know about it and by that the labour becomes easy for you. There are online contraction timer pregnancy available which one can buy to check their pregnancy contraction timings.

Being pregnant means one needs a lot of change in their lifestyles. They have to follow a proper routine of eating healthy food, sleeping and a bit of light exercise to keep them fit and fine. One may also need to take some vitamins and supplements so that their body remains strong and the baby also remains safe. But one has to take the gynaecologist’s recommendation to have those supplements. They can only take them if the doctors prescribe them to do so.

You also need to ask your doctor on how much body weight you should gain once you get pregnant. It is said that a woman should not get heavier more than 20 to 30 pounds but if you have not much of a body weight when you get pregnant then you might need to gain more. On the other hand, if you are already overweight, you should not gain much.

The basic diet chart that one needs to follow is at least five servings of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits in a week which should include one citrus fruit, a leafy green vegetable and a dark orange vegetable. With that one also need to have six servings of cereals and whole grained breads. One should also go for low fat milk products at least thrice a week as the body needs a lot of calcium during this tenure. For protein intake there should be proper servings of fish and meat as well. One should go for fish servings at leapt thrice a week and meat servings at least twice per week. One can also have a lot of dried fruits in their pregnancy diet. This helps you to have instant energy and it also has a lot of fibre in it. They have a lot of dietary calcium in them and as a result they are very beneficial in pregnancy.

Once one reaches the second trimester, they can start to keep the contraction schedule only to keep a check whether their pregnancy is okay or not.

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