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Keeping Pests Out of Your Cabin Retreat Even When You're Not There

Humans are not the only species to enjoy rural cabin getaways. Pests of all kinds love to invade rustic retreats in any season but especially in winter. If your cabin sits empty for part of the year, you will need to take preventative measures to keep insects, rodents, and wildlife from encroaching on your property.

Put Away All Food

Pack up all your perishable and packaged food and lock it in the cupboards or take it with you. Don't leave boxes of cereal or juice cartons sitting out where inquisitive creatures can munch through the cardboard and plastic to have a snack. Clear away all the spilled crumbs from the eating areas and throughout the cabin. Sweep the floors as well as the front porch and back deck to avoid attracting pests.

Shut Off the Water

You probably already shut off the water line inside the dwelling while you're gone. Check for leaks or drips, as animals and insects often look for a water source that is accessible when people are not around. Clear the eaves and downspouts of accumulated moisture and debris. You might want to drain the toilets or at least secure them, as creatures have been known to find their way into a rural septic system, and sometimes, even into urban sewers as well.

Seal Entry Points

Inspect the exterior of your cabin, including under the porch and near the crawlspace if there is one, for possible points of entry large enough to admit flying or crawling pests. Seal any openings you find with the recommended substance for that part of the structure. Check the roof and repair any damage to ensure that no raccoons, birds, or bats can take refuge in the attic. Make sure the window frames are securely fitted to keep bugs out.

Call an Exterminator

If you see evidence of termites or other insect infestations, you might want to contact a pest control expert to handle the problem professionally. With commercial grade equipment and products, infestations of insects or animals can be handled to keep your retreat safe and secure for future visits. Some exterminators offer contract service that includes follow-up inspections and additional treatments if needed.

When you can't be at your vacation retreat all the time, take precautions before you leave to keep pests away, as they can do considerable damage while you're gone. Get professional assistance if needed to deal with major problems that will only get worse and more expensive over time.

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