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Anyone who doesn’t think log homes are the best homes there are, promptly proceed to Everybody left either already wants to live in a log home, or at least is thinking about whether they might like to. Both groups agree log homes are tops.

After seeing samples of these charming homes, many log lovers wonder what makes some log homes better than others. Not in a loggier-than-thou sense, but by standing out from the crowd.

Curiously, size and money matter little. Sure, jumbo log homes need loose budgets, but neither assures superiority. Showing-off rarely trumps imagination and ingenuity.

Five qualities — all coincidentally starting with “L” —distinguish the best from the rest:

• Location. A lot about log homes is where they’re built. Terrain, views, community — or remoteness — these matter at least as much as the actual dwelling. The best homes flatter the land. Location influences Lifestyle, a bonus L factor.

• Looks. The best homes are dramatically out-of-the-ordinary. They excel in their use of logs, especially by balancing them with two complementary components of contemporary log homes: stone and glass. Windows add light and views. Stone, natural or manufactured, amplifies the sturdiness and durability associated with the log look.

• Logs. Logs aren’t subtle. They’re the point of log homes. The best homes make the most of them, outside and inside, because both sides of log walls are the same log. Logs’ size, shape, corners and joinery convey the home's image.

• Layout. Logs enclose and apportion space efficiently and comfortably. Inside the box is all about space and scale. Open or compartmentalized both work; the key is proportion. The best homes excel at controlling volume.

• Livability. Some folks are fond of the expression “to die for,” as in, “log homes are to die for.” Wrong. Log homes are to live for. And to live in. The best log homes harmonize with and enrich our lives.

These five add up to the sixth, the biggest L:

• Lovability. The best log homes inspire passion. The very best express who we really are. What’s not to love about that?

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Comment by Jan Koepsell on April 9, 2012 at 11:41am

Roland - you "hit the nail on the head" with this posting! 

Comment by James W. Harbin on March 31, 2012 at 7:12pm

Hey Roland, Nice work my friend. Your comments were so accurate and I couldn't put it better myself,and I eat,drink, and sleep log homes. Thank you, Jim and Pam Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

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