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Leaky Faucets: 4 DIY Plumbing Tricks to Help You Out

Do not let a small budget keep you from repairing your leaky faucet. While the constant dripping may seem to be only a nuisance to your ears, it is actually costing you a pretty penny in water costs over the long haul. Take an hour on your next day off to troubleshoot the problem yourself.

Check for Worn Seals and Corroded Valves

After turning off the water to the problematic faucet and removing decorative faucet handles, you are ready to locate the problem. First, eyeball the entire setup to see if you notice any obviously damaged or broken parts. If nothing strikes you immediately, it is time to start by checking for one of the most common causes of leaky faucets, which is the worn-out seal or O-ring. Many times, you can repair your one or two-handled compression faucet with one very cheap rubber washer.

Your seat washer will be attached to your faucet with a screw. Simply unscrew the old, and replace with the new. Another possible problem could be a worn-out O-ring. Besides obviously worn rubber washers and rings, metal pieces within the handles may be corroded, allowing water to leak. Soaking the pieces in white vinegar can dissolve many hard water buildups, or you may need to replace the corroded parts.

Make Sure No Parts Are Loose

Loose washers, screws and valves can create constant drips as well. If you do not see anything obviously wrong with your compression faucet, you may want to tighten all the valves and screws to see if this solves the problem. Never over-tighten them because this can strip the screws.

Try a Replacement Kit

Some faucets are too difficult to repair with a simple washer or valve. This is particularly true of ball-type faucets, which are commonly found in kitchens. Ball-type faucets are full of parts, and it can be difficult to determine where the problem is. Buying a replacement kit and changing out all of the components can be a great way to solve the problem on your first try without spending the money necessary for an entirely new faucet.

Never Be Afraid to Call in a Pro

You may have tried each of these steps without any success. In this case, you should stop before you get in over your head. You never want to risk ruining a major portion of your plumbing simply for the glory of solving your own plumbing problem. Most professional plumbers like HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric and similar professionals can solve leaky faucets with a very short appointment in your home.

Be aware that all faucets eventually get old and must be completely replaced. For most well-used faucets, this typically happens every 10 or so years. If your faucet has obviously been damaged or has multiple leaks, you will want to invest in a new faucet to solve your plumbing problems on your first try.

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