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For those of you who have just purchased a log cabin or who are looking into it, part of the appeal is the entire ambiance that this type of home provides. If you want to get the full effect, then you need to think beyond the exterior and consider the furnishings and interior decorations that you put into your log cabin.

I’ve put together a list of decor ideas for log homes, and they can help you get started towards completing the whole log home package. All of these ideas are purely suggestions, so take them and adapt them to your own style.

1. Thick floor rugs: Most, if not all, log homes have wood floors, which you can cover up with thick floor rugs. In the winter months, thicker rugs help you stay cozy, but in the summer you can roll out something a little lighter as long as it has some texture to it.
2. Rustic wall coverings and tapestries: Tapestries, especially ones depicting an outdoor scene or animal, can add a lot to your overall look. They go hand in hand with wood walls, but I’ve noticed that they do not necessarily work as well with wallpaper.
3. Hunting memorabilia: Even if you aren’t a hunter, things like animal pelts and antlers can make your log cabin feel more authentic. These aren’t for everyone, but if you don’t fancy having an animal head on your wall, consider smaller accents like antler silverware or picture frames.
4. Heavily textured fabrics: For your furniture and accents in your log home, look for things like leather, wood, stone, fur and other heavily textured fabrics like quilts. For a look that is even more rustic, look for fringed leather or leather with studs. Put some throw blankets over chairs and couches, and your look is starting to come together nicely.
5. Fall colors and outdoorsy/nature elements: Most people decorate log homes in fall colors, so think of browns, yellows, oranges and greens. If you see it in nature, then chances are it will look great in your log cabin. So try bringing in fresh flowers and branches as decoration and wall accents.
6. Unique, hand-crafted furniture: Look for furniture that has a lot of individuality. If it is wood, try to avoid clean lines and choose something that still has knobs or imperfections. If you are putting together a room, it’s best if the furniture is not too match, but instead, mix and match to get the best result.
7. Soft, yellow lighting and lamps: With lighting for log homes, it is best to go more natural and steer away from fluorescents and other bright lighting. It will look more rustic if you use floor and table lamps instead of modern lighting. For overhead lighting, you can get chandelier-style hangings that have a rustic feel.
Feel free to add to or change the list as it suits your personal tastes. Log cabins create a relaxing atmosphere, and when you focus on the interior, you get the whole log home package.

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