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Log Cabin in Finland - Log Frame Assembly

Nothing stops true Finns (nor me as a German living in Finland) to built their dream cabin even in temperatures around -20 degrees Celsius. Even that the cold weather and some incoming snow slowed down the log frame assembly a little, the frame of Villa Linnea was standing after 5 working days.

After laying a layer of tar-paper and and a layer of insulation material, the 4 person building crew assembled the first row of logs. After the first row was adjusted and hammered into place things start to move ahead a bit faster.

After a day and a half almost 10 rows were assembled. More and more movable scaffolding appear as the walls grow higher. And most of the time, at least two men are walking on top of the logs.

At the end of the day 2 about 15 rows were assembled. Also the covered terrace starts appearing in the picture and the first massive pillars take a stand for decades to come.

Villa Linnea is slowly becoming its signature face i.e. the high triangular shaped living room wall in the center of the building. How the assembly crew is building this without decent scaffolding around the house is a mystery to me, but I probably don’t want to know.

Things really moved forward on day 4 of the log frame assembly. Starting in -18 degrees Celsius at 10.00 AM, the crew of 4 men worked until 19.00 in the evening. But the progress was impressive. The two guys from the assembly crew that were balancing on top of the logs hammering each of them in place seem to have no fear and another job as flying stuntmen in the circus (without a net). In the early afternoon, the silhouette of the second floor of Villa Linnea appeared on the horizon.

Before it was getting dark, the log frame was pretty much assembled with the exception of some half logs that finish off each wall. And it was time to let the tower roof frames  fly over the towers. Again, an amazing site for somebody like me. Gracefully landing on top of the tower logs and giving Villa Linnea again more of its own character.

Coming next is the assembly of roof structure...but before we get there here is still one photo from an accident that happened on day one (or what was supposed to be day 1). The log delivery did not exactly work out like a laser-guided mission. The delivery truck with some 30 tons of our logs took the liberty to drive off the road toppling almost over...

For more details and up-to-date status posts you can check on


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Comment by Bob Mack on March 22, 2011 at 6:24am

That is realy cute.

I hope you keep us posted.

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