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Log Home Essentials: 4 Resources Every Cabin-Dweller Needs

Living in a log cabin, surrounded by trees and wildlife, is a dream come true for many. But that dream can turn quickly to a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Here are 4 essential things that any cabin-dweller needs to have on hand.

Cell Phone or Satellite Communications

Depending on just how far off the grid your log home is, cell phone service can be spotty at best, and nonexistent at worst. Landlines are useless if you’re injured while outside on your property, assuming you’re in an area where you can get a landline. Check out your cell phone service at various points throughout your property. If it’s not very good, look into getting a sat phone. Sat phones have become very affordable.

Well Water Pump & Water Softener System

Even if you’re close enough to a town to get city water, having your own well and pump is better.  Some companies, like County Pump & Supply Co., know that it gives you the independence and freedom you’re likely seeking if you’ve chosen to live in a log home. A water softener is likely to be necessary, as well water is often quite hard, leaving stains and residues on toilets, shower doors, and clothes.

Backup Power

There are a variety of options for backup power. You can install solar panels, or use generators. Generators can be small and used only to power specific household items, such as your fridge and the water pump, or they can be larger, whole-home systems that are designed to automatically come on when the power goes out. Which backup method you choose depends on where your home is located, how much you want to spend, and how much backup power you want.

Medical and Home Repair Kits

Whether you’re choosing to live completely off grid, or simply living a few miles out of town, the fact remains that an emergency could arise during which you’re unable to summon help. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and blizzards could all cut off your ability to communicate and to seek help—or for help to get to you. You could find yourself both injured and needing to make repairs to your home to get by.

A well-stocked medical kit will allow you to treat almost all minor injuries and some major ones. A well-equipped toolbox will let you repair your home and make it livable until the emergency passes. Living in a log home can be amazing, so long as you're prepared.

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