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Luscious Lawns: How to Keep Your Yard Green and Clean

Few things are as alluring as a lush, brilliant green and immaculate front lawn. It almost begs for a passerby to lie down on it, and bask in the sun. But how do people who have such luscious lawns keep them that way?

Pick the Right Grass
Some people are surprised to learn that there are different types of grasses for different climates. Cool season grasses enjoy their growing season in the cooler months, while the most vigorous period of growth for warm season grasses is during the warm months. Besides this, different types of grasses have different needs for water and fertilizer and different tolerances for drought and traffic. If the climate is wrong for the grass, the lawn won’t be its best no matter how diligently it’s cared for. A homeowner should consult with a lawn specialist such as Smitty's Tree Service Inc. before the grass seed is even broadcast to make sure they get the right type for their climate.

Mow the Right Way
Grass blades should be cut no more than one third of their height. Cutting more than that causes trauma, which leaves the grass susceptible to diseases and pests. This is true even if the grass has grown very high. Cut one third off the top, wait a few days, then cut another third off the top. Though close-cropped lawns look classy, the grass should be allowed to grow a bit longer than the homeowner is used to. This shades the roots, which keeps them cool and hydrated.

After mowing, the grass clippings should be left on the lawn. This may look untidy, but it nourishes the grass.

Water Properly
Some grasses are drought-tolerant while others need to be watered frequently. Whenever the grass is watered, it should be watered deeply. This means the water should penetrate at least three inches into the soil. This encourages the roots to go deep. Watering just the top layer of the soil for a few minutes at a time encourages roots that are shallow, and shallow roots don’t have access to the nutrients available to deeper roots.

Clean Up Debris
The homeowner should be in the habit of not even letting a bubble gum wrapper linger on the lawn. One item of trash that’s overlooked makes it easier to overlook other bits of trash. The homeowner should regularly clear up any fallen twigs, branches, old leaves, wilted flowers, rotten fruit and other debris. Trash is not only unsightly but supports pests and diseases.

Finding the right type of grass for the climate, watering and mowing properly and keeping the lawn clean result in a lawn that’s healthy and irresistibly beautiful.

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