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new logs douglas firs,,,,grand firs,, silver firs

so what i have is 24 douglas firs at an avg.of 24 inch at the butt end

.. this is the first cut ,,,,, this winter we will cut 33 more...but the avg. log will go down if i have to used all doug firs ,,,,,i have 5 grand fir with the but end at 26 inch and 10 silver firs with the butt end being 25 inch avg. IS IT OK TO MIX THE THREE DIFFERENT FIRS TOGETHER FOR MY WALL LOGS ?????

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Comment by CharisB on August 11, 2010 at 11:15am
Go to the "Members" tab and type in the names I gave to you. There are others. You might spend some time reading through the past forums to get more names of the buildinng gurus on here. Once you click on their names, it will bring up their profile page & there is a place under their info that you can type in a comment for them. Hopefully you can get some help from them.

Thanks! -- Charis
Comment by marty glass on August 10, 2010 at 11:04pm
thanks for the comment on the stains as I have applyed an oil stain to the douglas firs logs and they all have there own look,,, they will be outside for one more winter before I am able to starting to fitting them to gether... I guess I will cut a young grand fir and silver fir and lay them next to the douglas fir to see the different between the three ..... where dose one find the wall??
Comment by CharisB on August 5, 2010 at 10:21am
I'm not an expert on using different species in the same home & how it will affect structural integrity. However, I do know lots about finishing. You should be aware that different species all vary in porosity and their underlying color will be different. If you use a semi-transparent stain (the most popular kind of stain), you will most likely get a slightly mis-matched look from one log to the next. If allowed, depending on structural integrity, try to keep like species together to avoid that mis-matched look a bit. OR - consider using a solid-color stain. It will cover the grain but you won't get the mis-matched look.

Hope that helps some! You might write on the walls of some of the builders here to get thoughts on structure - Bob Mack, Tim Bullock - there are others - who are very knowledgable about such things.

Thanks! -- Charis w/ Sashco -- --

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