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Nine Beautiful Interior Design Ideas For Modern Log Homes

Why does it instantly make you feel warm and at home when you step into a log cabin? Is it because of the earthy textures and tone? The crisp crackling fire or the comfortable pieces of furniture?

Whatever it may be, if you own your own mountain cabin retreat and are looking to decorate it or if you are looking to infuse the log cabin aesthetic into your home, then using any of these design ideas will help you transform your space into a warm haven.

  1. Use Natural Colour Palettes

You can never go wrong with a nature-inspired warm colour scheme for a log cabin aesthetic. Hunter green and burgundy works perfectly with the warm brown wooden tones and reminds us of great outdoor cabins.

  1. Separate The Master Suite

In a multi-storey home, you can put the other rooms above or below, but ensure that the master bedroom is on the main level.  For single-level plans, flank a central, communal core with the master bedroom on one side and the extra bedrooms on the other.

  1. Bring The Outdoors In

A tried and tested method of decorating a log cabin or a log cabin themed-room is to play up the natural accents of the building materials. In most cases, it means using a lot of natural wood and fieldstone decor pieces with the structure itself. Pieces such as natural stone, tree trunks or peeled logs are great decor pieces to infuse.              

  1. Zone Design

If you would have more than one person cooking in your kitchen, then you need to abandon the triangle theory. For many decades, the kitchen triangle which puts the fridge and stove on each leg has been the gold standard for kitchen designs. However, these design concepts assume only one person would be cooking in the kitchen at any given time.

If your family cooks together, then a zone design that separates the kitchen into different areas for cooking, meal prep, plating and so on would be great. You would have a fully functional kitchen that the whole family can work in, perform different tasks and not get interrupted.       

  1. Use Marble Countertops

If you like the look of expensive granites but you have a limited budget, then you should use marble countertops for only the kitchen island's surface. For the other countertops, a good budget option would suffice. Look for similar-looking but less expensive perimeter counter options.

Shop for surface materials with a natural stone appearance that costs 10 to 40% lesser than its natural counterparts. These products also require very little maintenance.

  1. Sophisticated Half Log Walls With Exposed Log Beams

This beautiful living room has an open ceiling, exposed log beams and half log walls. The whitewashed ceiling, walls and the infusion of a bold chandelier make the space not look country or rustic. What this means is that you can achieve the mod cottage design in a log cabin.

  1. Carousel Living room

With the use of bright colours, a log living space can give off a vibrantly relaxed vibe - from the splashes of colours throughout all the ornaments to the vibrant dark purple walls.

Adding white custom furniture or sofas will help to draw light into the room whilst also acting as the focal point in a funky room setting. Mix up the concept with an amazing staircase made from natural branches and that use logs for support. You might not be able to replicate this exactly but your can draw inspiration and create something similar.

  1. Work With Room Shapes

If your log cabin is small, playing up the shape of your room as part of the decor is a great way to make the size of the space work.

The shiplap  walls in this bedroom, emphasises the angles in the room greatly and makes the space look bigger than it actually is.

  1. Repeat Features

By repeating certain features already presents in a space, you can create an eclectic but cohesive look. For example, repeating materials or features like peeled log beams in the ceilings, as well fireplace mantel and walls can create an idea of a living space well put together.

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