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Pests That Are Most Likely to Invade Unoccupied Homes

Unoccupied real estate doesn't tend to stay that way for long. While the threat of human squatters is fairly minimal, the threat of animals making their homes inside an abandoned building is fairly high. If you've got an abandoned property, especially one you are trying or planning to sell, there are certain animal invaders for which you need to be on the lookout.

Cockroaches, Ants, and Other Bugs

The most classic invaders are always bugs. Cockroaches and ants are regular invaders even in occupied homes, so it would make sense that they tend to run wild in those situations when they are not quickly removed. Ants tend to be more likely if there is any abandoned food, while cockroaches tend to enjoy making their homes in any area that is damp and dark. There's also a good chance that other invaders ranging from silverfish to termites will make their way into an abandoned structure.

Mice and Rats

Another common set of invaders are rodents. Rats and mice tend to go anywhere that humans go, so any home that is not set up to defend against them is quickly going to be a haven for rodents. Rats and mice tend to get into abandoned houses because there's almost always something abandoned to chew on and because these abandoned spaces make for very cozy places to spend a cold winter. It's hard to ensure that a house won't be plagued by rodents at the best of times, so it makes sense that abandoned houses are often full of them.

Stray Dogs and Cats

Strays are more common in abandoned houses than you might think. The reason for this is actually fairly simple—these animals are already used to living in human dwellings, so abandoned homes make for familiar territory. While cleaning out a few stray cats or dogs might not seem like a big deal, it's important to remember that these animals can actually cause a great deal of property destruction even before they go fully feral.

Raccoons, Possums, and Others Pests

Finally, there are the outliers that largely depend on where you live. In some areas of the country, raccoons and opossums will make any abandoned structure a home as soon as they know humans are gone. In other areas, you may have to worry about animals like bears. If there's an animal that needs shelter, it's going to find its way into an vacant home.

The animals that will come to an unoccupied home vary, but they all need to be removed by pest control professionals. Doing so gives homeowners a chance to remediate any damage and to avoid the danger that comes with trying to remove pests on their own.

If you’re trying to sell a home you don’t live in anymore, you need to ensure that no one else is living there either. Keep vermin and pests out of your house by making it as clean, secure, and unwelcoming as possible. If you suspect pests might have found their way in anyway, contact a pest control company.

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