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Pros and Cons of Buying a Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes generally known as mobile homes are already built homes which are manufactured in the factory and then transferred or shipped to the site where they are finally installed as already-made homes; they can also be manufactured in typical segments and then transferred to the site for assembling. The conception of the manufactured home began in the 1920s and today these homes have gained very wide recognition over time because it is inexpensive and provides finishes with luxurious, beautiful and aesthetic scenic beauty, their demands have also grown reasonably.



Cheap: Manufactured home for sale in Gardner is a very cost-effective of getting a home, cost less to build/acquire compared to onsite homes thereby providing owners a great advantage of saving huge money and cost of a loan for the same comfortability, you can as well choose quality materials that match your budget.


Customized building: A good advantage of manufactured homes for sale in Gardner is that you can have your home custom built in such a way that you get exactly what you want and thereby giving the opportunity of getting exact and desired features in your home because manufacturers can build to owner’s description and design


Flexibility and Transportation: You can rent a space or simply buy one for your home and can be moved from one location to another, which is a great advantage always on the move or relocating individual homeowners.


Fulfillment: Project is completed within a faster and reasonable time frame compared to onsite construction


Detailing and less error: Factory manufactured homes come with very minimal error, built under the guideline and rules of federal housing regulating body.


Provides luxurious and good aesthetics when landscaped


Financing: Can be very low and could be related to finance of buying a car compared to an onsite home which is more expensive.



The very big disadvantage of buying a mobile home lies in the fact that its monetary value depreciates over time, it can be related to the value of a car or electronic devices which keep depreciating over time thereby making the chance of getting a buyer when you want to resell a big challenge.


Most homes, due to Federal laws and regulations, has to be stationed in a park purposely designed for mobile homes which usually requires that land rent be paid, meaning you are partially a tenant which most home buyers may not like at all and just think of a situation whereby you are been given a quit notice to evacuate the land, this can be very challenging.


Economical and low-cost disadvantage: This could mean low graded materials are used for the construction of the home, resulting in a low-quality home that may not last long or provide all the comfortability desired.


Financing: Getting financing on a manufactured home can somewhat be difficult as lenders may not consider it as real estate but as a personal proper such as car which may incur higher down payment, interest rates, and most challenging qualification is your credit score can result in denial or delay in the approval for the financing of mobile home.


Before thinking of a manufactured home, consider all the factors described above to see which options works best for you, even though the choice of buying a house can be challenging in terms of reaching a conclusion on what you actually wanted, the designs and features you choose can give you satisfaction in your investment knowing fully well that you’re comfortable with it meanwhile proper investigation and knowledge of buying and maintaining a manufactured home is highly required to choose the options that work best and if buying a manufactured home will be a good option for you.

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