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Well, we are finally getting somewhere. I posted some pictures to show some of the progress. We now have an approved septic field. We got our tank delivered and installed and got the pump in and mounted. The county inspector was out for an inspection and passed our site. Now, we need to backfill the leach field with soil to cover over the sand and stone. then another inspection once the house is built and the alarm is hooked up.

This past weekend, we staked out the house and driveway. It took awhile and a lot of messing around, but we are only going to have one shot at digging everything out, so we wanted to make sure things were in the right place. After a full day, we think we got it all in the right place.

So, from there the excavator cut out all the soil from the driveway in order to fill it with slate and has proceeded to strip all the topsoil from around the house. It’s hard to believe, but in about a 100 feet from the sand mound to the house, the soil changed so much. It was very rocky at the sand mound, and really nice where we are putting the house.

After that full day of planning on Saturday, we decided today that we want to move the house another 15 feet or so in order to better accommodate the driveway and parking area. Things really looked different without topsoil and it was just kind of obvious now. So, things change.

Last night, we went and looked at some slate for the driveway, which is actually a sand stone which will make a much better driveway than straight slate. Things all fell into place and we were looking at it in the dark so we could get it delivered today.

And, it started coming this morning just on time. I saw the 5th load getting dumped, and we were hoping to get 8 or 9 today to get us up close to where the foundation will be dug. The plan is to start cutting the foundation in tomorrow. All the dirt that is removed will be used to backfill in between the house and the septic tank and to build up the ground level around the house.

Tonight we met with the builder to go over the contract. He hopes to start building the foundation next week and the logs are being milled at the lumber mill next week too. If all goes as planned, we hope to see some real progress starting the first week of December. All in all, we've had a couple of busy days, but so far it's been fun. We wonder if we'll still be having fun in a couple of months!

Stay tuned, we’ll try to keep things updated on a weekly basis. Take care!

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Comment by Glenn V on November 12, 2009 at 9:18am
Congratulations!!!! I can feel your excitement thru your words. Wishing you the best and thank you for sharing your dream.

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