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Renovate Your Home: 4 Ways To Go From Old To Bold

Even if you love your home, it's fun to do some renovations once and a while. If your house is starting to show its age, there are some ways you can give it a striking new look that will leave you feeling reinvigorated. 

Like a breath of fresh air, home decor and renovations are uplifting. If you want to make some renovations to your old house but aren't sure where to start, check out these suggestions.

Add Some Texture to Your Walls for Cheap

Wallpaper is a fast and fun way to liven up a space without having to make any permanent changes. If you aren't sure you want to go "all in" and paint the walls a crazy color, consider finding a textured wallpaper to create visual emphasis and infuse your space with some eye-catching design. 

Marble pattern wallpaper can add opulence to any living space or bedroom, while a wall in the kitchen or home office can be turned into a functional work space with chalkboard wallpaper. Contemporary wall mural wallpapers aren’t your grandmother’s wallpaper. These eye catching removable art pieces will become a focal point of any room.

Change the Floors with Concrete & Wood

Carpet is difficult to maintain if you have a family and pets, but even those who are pristine about their carpet find that it wears down over time. If your lackluster floors feel drab. Consider overhauling your dated home with a modern industrial look. Exposed wood panels on the ceiling and walls pair very well with concrete accents. Look into some commercial concrete pumping services ultra-sleek concrete flooring and walls. This is perfect for those looking for something away from a traditional living area. Consider a moss or herb planters on an accent concrete wall.

New tiles in a bathroom or kitchen can immediately transform a room, and your floors have a much greater impact on an area than you might think. Dark floors, for example, make a room seem smaller. If you are already living in close quarters, consider a lighter wood floor to make the space feel more expansive. 

Work From the Outside

If you aren't sure what you want to do inside, take a look at your homes exterior. You will have to check with your local home owner's association before you make any renovations, but there are plenty of options to consider from a bold new door color to updated siding and window treatments. 

If you don’t have a green thumb consider having a landscaper work with local plants. Many times people have gardens with greenery that is working against the elements in the homes habitat. While having your favorite shrubs in your garden is appealing it can become a lot of extra work. This often leads to an overgrown or dry garden. When you have a local garden it can often mean less maintenance to have it flourish. This gives the perception that you do more work in your yard than you actually do. 

Install Functional Storage Solutions

Many people just shove their stuff into closets or the garage, and clutter piles up over time. Free up space with functional storage pieces that also double as furniture. A storage bench, for example, can be filled with books and other knickknacks before being dressed up and turned into a beautiful window seat. Bed frames with drawers underneath make your essentials easily accessible as well as decrease the amount of space you have to clean when vacuuming or sweeping. 

Tactical walls are used to conceal storage areas. Not only will your clutter not be visible to guests, but having a secret compartment will make you feel like you’re living in a lux mysterious estate. These could double as fun entryways to a theater room that will get your neighbors talking.

Consider Your Dream Home Before You Renovate

When you're contemplating new renovations, make sure they'll add to the value of your home, be it personal or fiscal. If you don't intend on staying in your house for at least five years, you may want to stick to some more minor upgrades that won't dissuade potential buyers. 

If, on the other hand, your home is where you plan to plant some roots, think about what your dream space looks like and work your way from the ground up. Start small and stay inspired. Over time, you'll be amazed at how the slightest changes completely revamp your space!

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