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Romantic Cedar aka Virginiana Juniperus

We received a call from a client requesting a replacement for a failed carved arbor that had rotted twice in the past.

He didn't want anything to do with pressure treated.

We discussed teak as a replacement although purchasing 8" X 12" teak out of old growth is really quite ghastly in expense whereas we have a native specy that does not rot nor shrink and was used for fence posts as they will last for 50 years in the ground with no treatment. Eastern red cedar is another name although it is a misnomer as it is a Juniper. Locust will last too but it is not nearly as stable.

We had previously sourced ERC in gigantic sizes for another client and got the go ahead to access and mill the ERC for carving into arches as shown by the pictures.

Today we ordered two further tractor trailer loads for another arbor and a restaurant facade as these clients do not want chemicals nor rot nor severe checking and the ERC fits the bill.

We have another source for ERC which is even larger in diameter than the main supplier and we hope to make a dovetail log home from it in the near future.

We have worked with ERC in the past but have never worked with giant material as it works readily and smells ohhh so good.

Will post further pics when the latest shipment arrives.  More pics will be posted on our blog



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