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Safety First: 3 Ways To Protect Your Home Inside And Out

The safety and security of your home is obviously important as it directly impacts the overall safety and security of you and your family. This makes it essential that every homeowner do whatever they can to ensure that their home is as safe and secure as possible. Luckily, technology has enabled this to be done far more easily than in the past and all three of the following methods can allow you to protect your family and home from threats and disasters with minimal effort.


Regularly Test Your Detectors

Most homes at least feature smoke detectors, but the problem is that many people aren't as diligent as they should be about regularly testing these detectors to ensure that they still work. Most experts recommend testing your smoke detectors at least once a month. However, if you truly want to protect your home and family, you really need to go beyond just basic smoke detectors.


Carbon monoxide is often referred to as the 'silent killer,' and this colorless and odorless toxic gas is thought to cause the death of over 400 Americans a year. This makes it essential that you protect yourself by installing carbon monoxide detectors and regularly testing them. In addition, you may want to consider having your home occasionally detected for radon as this gas is frequently found in homes and is the number two leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the United States.


Consider Having a Security System Installed

Unfortunately, the world isn't as safe of a place as it once was, which means it's also necessary to think about protecting your home from break-ins and burglaries. In this sense, having a high-quality home security system is the best and most effective option. A good security system will feature a burglar alarm to help scare away potential intruders should anyone try to break into your home. At the same time, the system will also automatically notify the police as soon as the alarm is triggered. Most companies like Tele-Plus have a wide range of equipment and services to choose from to suit your needs.


In addition, most burglar systems also include fire alarms. Not only will the fire alarm sound to notify you when smoke is detected, but it will also contact the local fire department. With any luck, this can help to minimize the damage of a potential fire by ensuring that the fire department arrives as soon as possible.


Monitor and Control Your House with Home Automation

Technology has made it so that you can now control basically your entire home from your smartphone. Using home-automation technology, it is possible to monitor and control your HVAC system, lighting, home security system—even your stove, oven and the locks. By taking advantage of this technology, you can not only ensure that you didn't forget to turn the stove off or lock your doors, but you can also use it to help protect your home from intruders.


Many experts recommend putting your lights or stereo on a timer as a way to make it seem like someone is at home when you're on vacation or otherwise away from home for an extended period. However, with home automation, you can do all of this from your phone; occasionally turning on and off your lights, television, stereo, etc. to help deter would-be thieves from targeting your house.


As you can see, focusing on the safety and security of your home isn't all that difficult thanks to technology. For this reason, it is recommended that you follow the above steps in order to keep your family safe, secure and protected.

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