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Secure Your Residence: 5 Ways to Feel Safer at Home

Whether you live in a large metropolitan area, in a small town, or in the country, the fear of someone breaking into your home can weigh heavily on your mind. Burglaries and assaults are some of the most common forms of criminal activity. In light of the frequency of these crimes, it makes sense to take extra precautions to prevent the potential loss, trauma, and danger of a home break-in. Here are some practical tips for securing your residence so you'll feel safer while you're in your home.

1. Improve Your Locking System

Most people realize the importance of locking windows and doors to prevent break-ins. This simple safety routine should be followed whether you're home or not, during the day, when you're out in the yard, and especially at night. Even if you're careful to keep your doors locked, however, not all locks are created equal when it comes to preventing theft. Deadbolts have long been recommended by locksmiths and security experts alike as safer than standard door locks. There is even new technology from companies like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc that make security even more advanced as well as add convenience to your daily life. These electronic locks include such options as card key systems, push-button locks, and even biometric locks that work by using fingerprints. Many seasoned burglars have practically perfected methods of gaining entry into locked homes. Considering an upgrade to your locking system could be one way to throw these criminals off their game and protect your home.

2. Brighten Up Your Property's Exterior

As the old adage goes, bad things often happen in the dark. It's no wonder that burglaries are so common at night. Under the cover of night, thieves dressed in dark clothing target neighborhoods and homes with poor lighting so their dirty work can go undetected. You can deter the bad guys from breaking into your home by exposing them with motion detecting lights. These lights are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Not only will these lights serve to alert you to potential danger and scare off would-be intruders, they can also be a signal to let your neighbors know of any suspicious activity going on around your home when you're away.

3. Install a Security System

If you'd like an even greater sense of security than motion detecting lights and improved locks can provide, you may want to consider installing a complete home security system. There are a number of different companies providing various systems, including alarms that go off when an unauthorized person gains entry to the home. These systems can automatically let authorities know when there's been a break-in in case it happens when you're not home, or you're unable to get to your phone. For many potential burglars, just seeing a sticker on the door or a sign in the yard indicating that a home is protected by a reputable security system is enough to make them look elsewhere for a home to burglarize.

4. Get a Guard Dog

Having a "Beware Of Dog" sign posted in the yard can make a person with ill intent think twice before seeking uninvited entry to your home. Certain types of dogs have been bred with protective instincts. These dogs, when trained to be loyal to their masters, will bark and growl to let burglars know that they're not welcome. If any intruder does make the mistake of ignoring these warnings, they'll soon learn that they should have heeded them when your guard dog snaps into action.

5. Warn Potential Intruders of Security Measures

As mentioned in steps three and four, posting signs warning of security measures can, in and of itself, be a big deterrent to break-ins. These signs can let potential intruders know that you mean business when it comes to protecting your belongings and family. In fact, some homeowners, recognizing the benefits of "Beware Of Dog" and home security system signs, have installed these signs even when they don't own a guard dog or have a home security system installed. While such measures might possibly work, posting fake signs can carry risks. If would-be burglars take the time to scope out a neighborhood for a few days, they could quickly catch on to who is bluffing about home security. It's best, if you're going to post warning signs, that they be genuine warnings of real security measures you've taken to protect your home.

Burglary and assault have plagued the human race throughout all ages and in all societies. Though there's no way to be 100 percent sure your home will never be the target of a break-in attempt, the tips described in this article are some practical steps you can take to reduce the risk. When you take charge of your home's security, you can rest assured that you've done your best to keep your family and your belongings as safe as possible.

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Comment by Nancy Grace on March 22, 2018 at 7:49am

Fact: the latest lock systems are super compact + they look pretty on the door.

Smart locks are certainly the future; it's the best apparatus for a forgetful person. I have left the door wide open a couple of times that I've lost count. Always consult the best residential locksmith services provider if you need help with securing your house.

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